South Africa batsmen defy both expectations and the Delhi pitch

There were many who felt that presented with a flatter pitch, South Africa might actually make a few runs during this Test series against India. In Delhi, they have been presented with precisely such a thing. However, these Saffers are made of stern stuff. They refused to bow to expectation and delivered a magnificent 121 all out in reply to India’s 334.

In the early stages of this tour, South Africa were keen to avoid surrendering their reputation as the finest tourists of their era. Now, with that gone, they are working to retain their new reputation – as a side that gets bowled out for jack shit in India.

So, after watching an Ajinkya Rahane masterclass the previous day, they manfully refused to learn any lessons and instead divided their time between leaden-footed prods and ill-advised lap-sweeps. They knew it was important to avoid building any partnerships and so ensured that they kept the wickets column ticking over throughout the evening session.

India, who are reported to have been on the field throughout, bowled pretty well it is said.

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10 Appeals

  1. Another one of those sad games where one man in the opposition outscores your entire team…….

  2. The Saffers certainly performed well as a unit in achieving a jack shit score, although A B deVilliers seems to be doing his own thing rather than the team thing – show off – disgraceful play.

  3. How good is Temba Bavuma?

    I’ve not heard much about him, is he considered a long-term bet for opener?

  4. Excitement in the Women’s T20 qualies Plate semi-finals (i.e. for the teams that aren’t actually going to qualify).

    Absolutely to-the-wire game between Netherlands and PNG.

    And China continue their march by scraping past hosts Thailand… their winning score of 82 contained SIX RUNOUTS! Even better than Pakistan, great between-the-wickets entertainment on offer there.

    • That’s some seriously impressive chance-giving from the ever-generous Chinese. Sadly the Thais were ungrateful.

      • I always think of the Chinese having a sweet and sour approach to their cricket, the Tais might be slightly too spicy?

      • By your reckoning, then, Thesaurusrus, would the better looking Chinese women cricketers be hot and sour? Just thought I;d throw that thought into the soup.

  5. Thais*

  6. The Chinese run has come to and end with defeat by PNG is the plate final.

    In the actual final, Ireland vs Bangladesh, there was another very tight finish…

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