Spin bowling is all in the pelvis

Adil Rashid bowls one at the moon

Photo by Sarah Ansell


A forthcoming study on the biomechanics of elite finger spin bowling has found “very strong positive relationships between the orientation of the bowler’s pelvis and the rate at which the ball spins during flight.”

The boffins (for that is what you are obliged to call academics when writing about their research) concluded that there is, “a compelling argument that highly advanced motions of the pelvis are paramount to producing high spin rates to the ball and therefore that spin bowling should not be solely thought of as an upper arm skill.”

For all that Moeen Ali, Adil Rashid and Liam Dawson performed well with the bat in the first innings of this match, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that their pelvis motions have been insufficiently advanced with the ball.

Advanced pelvis motions are paramount, boys. Paramount!

Amid all the talk of Magnus force and R Ashwin’s open pelvis, the main thing we draw from the study is that spinners should really try and give it a rip.

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  1. While this research is to be welcomed, it merely confirms one of the pelvic movement instructions for effective finger spin in one of the songs in The Rocky Horror Show. The other instructions relate to the path of the run-up and the position of the hands and knees during that run-up, and we can expect these to be incorporated into test cricket soon. It will really drive you insane.

  2. I thought Magnus Force was a Dirty Harry film.

  3. So now it makes sense why Dharmasena asked Moeen to put his non bowling hand in his pant pocket. That must have helped Moeen to “impart more Pelvis” into the ball thus resulting in more spin.

  4. Plural of pelvis. Pelvises? Pelvii?

  5. Two Jackson Birds…

    …and a Parthiv Ajay Patel.

  6. Santa: Hey Rudolph, with your nose so bright, you can buy the next round tonight.

    Rudolph: Nice one Santa, at least you didn’t call me a rude elf.

  7. Strap me to the mast. I’ve woken up in Tennerife very early with Johnny Mathis in my head singing ‘When a child is Vaughan’ then cancelled the earworm out with “I saw three slips coming sailing in on Christmas day in the morning. . . ‘

  8. This research if correct explains both Shane Warne’s on field success and off field failings.

  9. power generation from the hips has been proven time and again in other sports, it’s about time cricket caught up.https://adamsarson.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/its-all-in-the-hips.gif

  10. Karun Nair.

    Got his first 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 all in the same innings (and most of those on the same day).

    Test Average 160.00

    95% of his career Test runs in one innings (in his 3rd match).

    25 years old.

    Karun Nair.

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