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South Africa’s strongest batting line-up

Ashwell Prince looks forward to a long rest for the rest of the dayNot so long ago, this South Africa batting line-up looked stronger than Geoff Capes crossed with a grizzly bear. Now? Not so much.

Ashwell Prince isn’t an opener; Hashim Amla might as well paint a bullseye on his front leg; while if JP Duminy could ever get past his first ball, we might get a chance to watch him being found out by the short ball. Even AB De Villiers is looking a bit rocky.

Batting averages only tell you what’s already happened.

Ashwell Prince is “organised”

Ashwell Prince - compact, organised, lumpen, obdurate, ploddingWe’ve heard it a few times this morning: Ashwell Prince is “organised”.

This means that he is patient and a bit boring. It’s a great cricket euphemism. You could just as easily describe him as “compact” which means much the same.

But for the referrals system, Prince would also have fallen victim to another cricket euphemism in this Test – namely, being “adjudged” lbw.

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