Ashwell Prince is “organised”

Ashwell Prince - compact, organised, lumpen, obdurate, ploddingWe’ve heard it a few times this morning: Ashwell Prince is “organised”.

This means that he is patient and a bit boring. It’s a great cricket euphemism. You could just as easily describe him as “compact” which means much the same.

But for the referrals system, Prince would also have fallen victim to another cricket euphemism in this Test – namely, being “adjudged” lbw.

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14 Appeals

  1. He’s also out

  2. a “measured” player.

  3. This is like real-time commentary. I can set this page to refresh automatically, and I will never be more than a few hours behind the actual play, assuming that everyone here is as dilligent as Ed.

    Here’s my contribution.

    39.4 overs: SA 125/3. Kallis giving it the beans. Earlier, Smith chuckle out for smirk a ha ha duck hoo hoo, oh my giddy aunt. At that stage SA were 0/0, which is shite in anybody’s book.

  4. I’ve always thought King Cricket is organised.

    50.4 Eng 154 for 3, Swann driven to long on by Kallis and single taken.

  5. 61.6, South Africa attempting to consolidate. JP Duminy spanks Broad through the covers. In an, um, consolidatory way.

  6. I should of course add, they are 171/4.

  7. King Cricket

    December 16, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    No, you’re organised.

    Is this going to last all week, Charlton?

  8. are you going to last all week?

  9. And the score, gentlemen? Hmm?

  10. King Cricket

    December 16, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    No, you are, e normous.

    197-4, Bert.

  11. Trott into the attack. Small possibility of “Last Wicket: A. Saffer, c. A. Saffer, b. A. Saffer, 32” emerges.


  12. Sorry, didn’t see the opening set of quotation marks, so read that last bit as 32 inches emerges.

    0 for 0, Smith out for a duck.

  13. I like this particular post – it is compact.

    86.6 overs 244 for 4 — Kallis leaves Broad outside off stump.


  14. Kallis is organised.

    Does that make Ashwell Prince disorganised?

    Or perhaps “the organised batsman formerly known as Prince”?

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