We have now published the answers to Bert’s crossword

They are on a separate page from the crossword itself. That way, if you happen to meet someone who’s into both cricket and cryptic crosswords (at your next AA meeting, for example) you can send them a link and they can attempt the crossword without having the answers staring them in the face.

Bert has also rather kindly provided explanations for each of the answers, so those of you who haven’t completely severed your connection with the real world can now do so, safe in the knowledge that you now have cryptic crosswords to keep you company. You have a new time-consuming solitary activity to pass the time until the final sip of Night Nurse signals that it’s time for the cats to start eating you.

The explanations are in Word format because we couldn’t be bothered reformatting Bert’s original document.

Round of applause for Bert’s efforts, everybody. Cracking work.

Answers and explanations can be found here.

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6 Appeals

  1. Yes bravo. Top effort. Lots of fun at chez Jimmy pondering these marvels. Indifferent cats, though, eh. That flummoxed me.

  2. Brilliant work Bert. I half got a few others, but there was one I couldn’t fail to get.

  3. Based on this performance, I would pick Bert to open the batting for England in India

  4. Thanks for all the compliments, everyone. It’s much appreciated.

    I’m curious though, KC – how did you get on with it? The tone of your article suggests that it hasn’t opened up a whole new world of fun and adventure for you, even though you got your very own clue!

  5. Great fun Bert – I was lucky to get 1/3 of these. I did see where I went wrong for 17 across – “Deceive about what Mitch invariably does with a ball (9)”.
    I tried to fit “fivewides” in as a single word.
    Thanks for the diversion 🙂

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