What has Luke Pomersbach done?

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Remember Luke Pomersbach?

Having been rewarded so handsomely for his piss-artistry 18 months ago, he’s decided that getting wankered is the way forward. After a night drinking the finest wines known to humanity (maybe), Luke Pomersbach hopped into his Toyota Prado and set off.

Having ploughed into the back of another car and then bulldozed a giant bin four metres into a nearby house, Luke decided his work was done and headed for home. The police followed the oil trail and accused him of being drunk. “I assure you I’m not, officer. I’ve only had a few ales,” Pomersbach may or may not have said.

At this point, Luke broke a window using one of the policemen and then did one. “Release the hounds,” commanded another policeman. Argus the police dog chased him for 2km and then, rather brilliantly, “advised by way of a bark that he had located a person,” according to Sergeant Hubbard. The police arrested him.

This is all true, if a little colourfully described.


  1. Slight exaggeration about the wines, but you must give him credit for the unusual use of a cop. I must remember that one next time I find I’ve forgotten the front door key.

    But it was the dog who showed real initiative.

    Perhaps he fancies Pomers place in the Warriors team?


    All cops in WA sound like Alf Stewart.

    (I would have forwarded this nugget of news about the Wayward Warrior to you earlier, but have been banned from mentioning Australian websites by Price)

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