Luke Pomersbach’s done something else

When we saw that Luke Pomersbach had been accused of molesting an American woman before punching her fiancé, we thought ‘Luke Pomersbach has done something else’ – but we couldn’t remember what.

Luke Pomersbach HAS done something else. He’s been involved in two stories you’d think we’d have remembered without recourse to the search box of our own website. He’s been plucked out of the crowd to play for Australia despite being banned for piss-artistry and he’s bulldozed a giant bin into a house in his Toyota Prado while indulging said piss-artistry.

Not sure whether piss-artistry was involved in this latest story, but he was “partying” apparently. It’s hard to party without a snifter of brandy.

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  1. To be fair to Mr Pomersbach he has claimed that it’s a set up and the truth will come out. Have a look at what this dreadful woman’s fiance did to poor Luke:×0.jpg
    As soon as he gets out of the ICU I’m sure the police will want a word.

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