When did the South Africa cricket team become exciting?

Yes, it is Imran Tahir and yes, he does look like that

Seriously, South Africa have got a worryingly strong claim to being the most exciting team in this World Cup.

They pick three spinners, including a devilish leggie and they ask one of them to open the bowling. They have the best player in the world. They have no consistent gameplan. Shouldn’t this be Pakistan we’re describing?

Our whole world is upside down. We haven’t felt like this since we took a trip down memory lane with a pint of Boddington’s and found that it was almost unspeakably bland and insipid.

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13 Appeals

  1. I will see your Tahir and raise you a Kallis.

    And if you know anything about CrickPoker, you’d be folding now.

    I hope that puts an end to this “SA is exciting” rubbish.

  2. No, sorry King, but Imran Tahir can only do so much on his own. Opening the bowling with Johan Botha over Tsotsobe or Morkel does not say “The most unpredicable side in the world”. It says “One-day cricket is looking half dead. Someone poke it with a stick.” Meanwhile. Graeme Smith is still batting like cricket’s equivalent of the naked mole rat. This is still South Africa.

  3. Ah, Boddingtons. Memory lane indeed.

    I was also a big fan of Kilkenny when I was 18.

    • We must be of similiar age, O King. I also tried a pint after several years and was jolted by the realisation it was cack and not the drink of the Gods that I’d remembered.

      Was I so naive as a student? Yes. I blame the amusing adverts for my false memory.

    • Can you even buy it on tap these days?

    • Americans go freaking mad for Boddingtons. When over in the US last month, I was frequently confronted with a can of Boddingtons. They assumed I would like to drink it, because I am British. It’s mostly cans, but I know that they also have it on tap in the Rose and Crown in Palo Alto.

    • Well, I’ve consumed it in can form within the last year, but I can’t remember seeing it at a ‘pub’.

      By the way, who is Imran Tahir? Seriously?

  4. When did it become exciting?

    Dale Steyn

    The Pakis will still rape them at the appropriate moment. Afridi’s tactic of telling the Akmal brothers to run rather than return to the dressing room if he thinks they have thrown their wicket away has worked wonders. They know he’s crouching in the dressing room with the AK47.


  5. Not sure why it took SA so long to work out that, if they couldn’t produce a world-class spinner, they could always steal one. . . .

  6. dont worry tody is match fail.win of a final

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