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It’s an image featuring 50 cryptic clues to cricketing terms. It’s called ‘Whatzat!’ The ECB have commissioned it and apparently there are international and county tickets to be won.

We’re crap at this sort of thing. It took us quite some time to work out why bowler hats featured so prominently.

If you click the image, it should take you to a bigger, interactive version.

'Whatzat' is actually quite a good name

The fact that you lot like this sort of thing is very bad news for us, because it means we have to continue opening emails from marketing companies on the offchance that another one of them will do something well, even though that is HIGHLY unlikely.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


    1. We had to open not one, but three emails from a marketing agency to bring you this AND we had to resize an image.

    2. Sincere thanks, KC, for all your efforts. Why don’t you go an have a lie down? Oh, you probably are doing.

      I’m stuck on:

      The right hand tombstone
      The group of men in front of the pavilion
      The bat leaning against the wicket
      The outline of the body (not any more, though – just got that one from writing it down)
      The sunbeam

      That adds up to 49, and I can’t find the last one.

    3. Found it – it’s the pile of whatever by the chap with the broom.

      Got the bat one now, so four to do.

    4. Got that one now. So three to go, then I automatically win a luxury holiday for seven I think.

    5. I can’t get:

      The record
      The dog + signpost

      … and, as with Bert …

      the men by the pavillion
      and the right hand gravestone.

    6. Having wasted most of my morning and distracted everyone in the office, the only one we have left is the group of men by the pavilion. It’s slightly driving me mad.

    7. Let’s talk business, String. I’ll trade a subtle clue for the sunbeam for a subtle clue for the record (and I’ll throw in a subtle clue for the dog if you want, special offer, today only).

    8. Excellent, thanks.

      One run needed for a record (6)
      Bumper mangles dog, we hear (7)

      So, just the dead men to do.

    9. Let’s pool resources. Here’s what I’ve got:

      last man
      ten pin bowling
      nine down

  1. Ah we cracked it. The clue is that it’s a three-word phrase that I’ve never heard used about cricket ever. If that helps, at all…

    1. I’d tried that several times, without the plural. It’s a phrase I recall from the rules of park cricket when we were kids – were XX XX XXs allowed or not? If you’re playing five-a-side, it gives you five wickets to lose instead of four.

  2. ah I see! Thanks for the explanation Bert – I hope I win some tickets after all this. And I hope they’re not in Cardiff…

  3. I’m stuck on the person falling from the castle in the top left; the record; the man in the boat; the man with the broom; the broom; the corkscrew thing on the bowling crease; the bread bat

    1. Got that one now. Five to go. Still stuck on the man with the broom, the record, the corkscrew thing, the bread bat and the man in the boat.

  4. ill swap u the golf tee one in the bottom corner for any others u need? reverse sweep for broom and opener for corkscrew

  5. phux sake… Done no work this afternoon. Your fault KC.

    Still can’t even find three of them. Which ones am I missing?! 43/50…

    1. At least if you’re at work you’ve killed some time. I’ve spent the last hour and a half of my day off doing this.

    2. Are you entering them on the website? If so, only the ones you haven’t solved show a hover caption when you, er, hover. So do some random hovering. There are quite a lot very close to one another.

  6. I’ve been stuck on 49 forever because I can’t get the stupid man cutting daisys

    Things it’s not

    Off cutter

    1. Got it now, turns out it’s a bomb that’s not been used as a cricketing expression since 1843

  7. Soaring eagle. Eagle. Golden Eagle. America. Cricket. Allan Stanford. Matt Prior. Jail.

    I am pretty sure I am on to something here….

  8. I can’t believe it’s taken me all afternoon to get the one with the dog. In part, I feel pleased that my lack of “cultural” knowledge is partly to blame.

    Bert – thanks for the clues. Makes perfect sense now…

  9. Right I have got 44 without help (more or less) but I’m stuck on the following:

    The bunny in the hat (Sure this is an easy one)
    The record in the trees
    The sandwich board
    The Dog
    The Signpost (Something to do with Neighbors?)
    and The righthand tombstone.

    Any one care to give some hints?

    1. bunny – it’s an old magician’s what? Using a what?
      the record – there’s a few on every record
      the board – gervais comedy
      the dog – it’s the same clue as the Ramsay St sign
      tombstone – chap who died had one

    1. the man in the boat – he’s throwing water out
      light – the BCCI don’t like it

  10. I’m stuck on

    The record
    Right hand tombstone
    TV eye test
    Body outline

    Have the rest if anybody has any ideas.

    1. The record – gets realeased as a what?
      Right hand tombstone – the chap died after one
      TV eye test – what part of the tv is the test on?
      Sunbeam – a few other clues in this thread
      Body outline – just get rid of the middle

  11. 49/50

    Sunbeam… Clue please. I need to scratch this itch and do some work.


    Nicko: crap clues in order – how many? well played. black and white. ?. not out.

    1. Here’s a clue for the sunbeam, D. Same one as I gave to Bert yesterday:

      Assonant technology

  12. Ah just got the bunny and the record! So simple now.
    Gervais Comedy for the Board – I dont understand what you mean?

    The Righthand Tombstone is killing me.

    Also the Dog and the Sign post, my thoughts-
    But I cant make a cricketing term out of these.


  13. Finally got all 50, but the joy of finishing has been taken away by me quietly fuming at myself for taking so long over the broken table leg. This despite the fact I got all the other table legs within 30 seconds of opening it yesterday.

  14. Feels like I’ve been at this forever. Still can’t get the right-hand tombstone or the guy in the boat. Like Steve, took way too long to get the broken table leg and subsequently was upset with myself.

  15. I’ve spent the best part of the afternoon on this and have got to 44. Found this and am in desperate need of help for:
    – The people in the jury (if that’s what it is)
    – The picket sign into the bowler hat
    – The last man standing
    – The broken record
    – The right hand gravestone
    – The big leg leaning on the table.

    I’ll happily help for any of the other in exchange for some help with these!!!

    1. I’ve since got the broken record and the one ‘jury’ related one. The others continue to haunt me

  16. George, swap you the fielding position, the bowler who would stand behind a picket in industrial action and what you borrow from cricket to say when an person has died after a long and blameless life for a clue about the goose/seagull with the capital E , the bowler on top of the wicket and the man holding out his bats and if you feel kind why the man fishing is not fishing.

  17. Got the fisherman so 7 to go. Maybe my civic duty will bring inspiration. Off to vote.

    1. Jill –

      What has the fisherman done?

      Seagull/E. Read that out loud.

      The bowler on top of the wicket – you’re overcomplicating it. It’s right there.

  18. The tv with the eye test – I just can’t get it. I’ve got everything else, it’s just that one, and I can’t stop until I’ve finished! Anybody got any clues?

  19. Laura what kind of test is the eye test? And what part of the TV is it on? Please give me a hint for the man with the bats.

    I still have 6 including those wretched skittled men.

  20. Jill, turn it around: man with bats is a…
    He doesn’t have a bowler hat either. Not entirely sure that helps…

  21. Driving me mad, I can’t get the ray of light/sun beam even with the 2 clues I’ve seen above. HELP!!!!

  22. I’m still struggling with the beam! It’s driving me mad! Got all the rest.

  23. Nicko, don’t think of it as beam, think about where the beam ends. Possibly a bit warm?

  24. After wasting 3 evenings on this, finally gave in and came here for the sunbeam and the man in the boat, can sleep peacefully now

  25. Stuck on the dead men by the pavilion (even with reading the clues) and the runner in the green and yellow.

  26. Now only stuck on the skittles men. Pleeeeeese help me. Gambrinus read what you wrote on the green and yellow man and choose one of the words and shorten it.

    1. ‘last man stands’ t20 game for 8 players?
      What have you got for the man in blue with the brush??

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