The best thing about Chesney Hughes’ 270 not out for Derbyshire

The best thing about Chesney Hughes’ 270 is that it brings some smashing first names to prominence. A Chesney is always worth celebrating, but it gets better than that.

Chesney Hughes is from Anguilla. He was advised to come to England by a man with one of the finest names in history. His mentor is none other than Cardigan Connor.

It may sound like a nickname for an Irishman with a penchant for knitwear, but it isn’t. Cardigan Connor bowled seam for Hampshire and took 614 first-class wickets. More importantly, he gives rise to quotes such as:

“I’ve been speaking to Cardigan at every interval.”

You’ve got to love someone who can so effortlessly make other people sound demented.

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  1. “A Chesney is always worth celebrating…”

    Are you hoping to initiate the term “a Chesney” as one of those hip slang terms for a number/money.

    “A Lady” for a fiver, “an Ayrton” for £10, “a Commodore” for £15, “a score” for £20, “a pony” for £25, “a bullseye” for £50, “a pigeon” for £60, “a bill” for £100, “a Chesney” for £270, “a monkey for £500…

    It’s good, KC, it’s very good in fact. Not sure how often I’ll be using it personally, but still it’s good.

  2. “Cardigan bowled seam…”


    • King Cricket

      May 1, 2013 at 12:17 pm

      That was an accident.

    • Cardigan charged in like the Light Brigade and bowled seam right on the button if my wooly memory serves me correctly.

    • Back in the day Cardigan was only loved by old ladies and was seen as quite unfashionable. Now he seems to be enjoying something of a retro comeback.

  3. Joe Root now has back-to-back hundreds and both involved running out Phil Jacques for an ordinary score.

    Root is such a powerful Ashes weapon, not only does he score runs but he also forces Australians to cock up through magic.

  4. I hope his walk-on music is The One and Only.

    • Not white. Don’t like it. Better than playing in blue, I guess.

    • I like the blue one. That red one is not only putrid, but it brings back horrible memories of getting duffed up 6-1 by the Aussies in 2009.

    • It looks particularly wrong on Cook, like someone’s put him in the washing machine with a red sock.

      Also it appears that he is posing next to a tiny set of stumps.

      One for KC’s much neglected “lies about pictures” section, methinks.

      Sorry about that “methinks”. Not sure why that happened.

    • It’s not a tiny set of stumps, he’s just massive.

  5. Cook: “I’m doing three nights of lambing this week, and I’m on again tonight … You’re alone, just you and the dog, and it’s always good to have time on your own … I think a lot when I’m on my own – and much of it is about cricket … It felt good to do something no Englishman has done before.”

    This is sensational stuff.

  6. Soviet Onion

    May 1, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    I used to work with an old lady from anguilla. she said cardigan Connor was her son. she did have a different surname but you wouldn’t make it up would you??.

  7. This morning I received an e-mail from Amazon at my real identity trying to sell me an album by Kenny Chesney

    I had never heard of this gentleman, although it transpires he is a country singer, married to Renée Zellweger.

    I was planning on sounding off about Amazon connecting my activities so invasively, even sending e-mail in circumstances they claim they don’t do, when I read my e-mail more carefully.

    Apparently they carefully chose the real me for that e-mail because the real me bought a Luke Bryan album through Amazon last year, which I must admit is true.

    Yogi Berra famously said that “some things are just too coincidental to be coincidences”. I’m not sure how I feel about this Chesney one.

  8. KC – for how long have you had Scyld Berry tied up in your basement and been submitting articles in his name?

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