Chaminda Vaas has one of his days again

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Never do more than seven overs' workHere’s a post about Chaminda Vaas which deserves a second showing. Read that, then come back here.

It took England two days to take six Sri Lankan wickets. Sri Lanka managed to take six English wickets by the time the score had reached 33.

The world authority on subcontinental bowling gave a masterclass in making the most of the new ball today. You only get 15 or 20 overs of swing with the Kookaburra ball and you have to cash in. Whereas England managed to get a couple of wickets in that period – partly through luck – Vaas alone had taken 4-14 by the end of the 11th over. What were we saying yesterday about exceptional performances?

Chaminda would appear to have two sides to his bed: reliable-yet-mediocre and UNSTOPPABLE. We would recommend that he labels the UNSTOPPABLE side of the bed as such and gets out that side every morning. Maybe he should push the damn thing up against a wall, in fact.


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  1. Oh dear.

    The first thing I heard this morning on the radio, was that we were going to struggle to avoid the follow on.. I thought, that can’t be right?! Appears it was..

    Vaughan is probably having a stern word with Michael Vaughan right now, about leaving one that cut back.. Michael Vaughan will be most upset with Michael Vaughan for that!

  2. Its all a ploy. The Only way England could win the game, was to get bowled out cheaply, then score loads of quick runs then bowl the Lankans out 2nd time round. And because of the rain its looking unlikely!

  3. When I got up this morning and checked the score I thought “What? 61 for 6? What the flipping hell is this??”. When I watched some of the replays, though, I realised that 61 for 6 actually included a bit of hanging-on-in-there from the strawberry blonde one. And I’m sure poor Sidebottom was hoping for more than 10 overs’ rest today, after two hot days of hair-frizzing bowling. Oh England! Somehow seeking to contrive defeat from the jaws of, erm, a draw.

  4. Unfortunately for Vaas, with Sri Lanka having called up Uda Walawwe Mahim Bandaralage Chanaka Asanka Welegedara, he no longer has the most initials in the team.

    There’s apparently no truth to the rumour that Sri Lanka are preparing a call-up for Tarquin Fin Tim Lin Bin Whin Bim Lim Bus Stop F’tang F’tang Olé Biscuitbarrel, though.

  5. 81 All out

    England need 418 just to make the Siril’s bat again…

    I don’t think we’ll need to worry about Murali on a fifth day wicket. It’s not going that far!

  6. Lets be confident, a rapid 600 will and let KP and Vaughen to spin the ball all over the shop on the to bowl them out for 95!

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