Johnson Watch – part one

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We figure we’ll formalise the Mitchell Johnson victimisation this year. Might as well. So here it is: ‘Johnson Watch’.

Sounds a bit rude, but only really if you’re American – and as we all know, Americans don’t count.

What passes for Mitchell Johnson news today is the following quote from Australia coach, Tim Nielsen:

“There’s a couple of little things we can work on. We can make sure we jump around the bowling group and each other and make sure he’s in as good a place as he can be.”

No idea what that means. Probably something about Johnson being a cack-handed gifford whose arms are possessed by gremlins.

Please don’t drop Mitchell Johnson.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Think that “he’s in as good a place as he can be” means he’s he’s carrying the drinks…

  2. Gifford, briliant.

    I was hoping he’d get a couple of lucky wickets so he’d definitely stay in for the next test. Not so sure now, the rug has to make an appearance.

  3. Interesting quote from the last article you linked:
    “It wasn’t like he’d lost confidence and all the things were falling apart and he was bowling 85mph and didn’t know where it was going.”
    Now that all four of those is true, wonder if they’ll have the guts to drop him? My tip is like last time they will practice some sort of weird collective punishment and drop one of the batsmen to bring in Doug the Rug. Probably Marcus North.

  4. It would be a leap into a whole new world of good sense by the selectors to drop him, so I can’t see it happening.

  5. I doubt they’ll drop him – it’s too much of an admission of selector failure. Absolutely completely nothing has changed in the last five days. All of the selection criteria, form, confidence, talent, record, they are all as they were last week (in the case of career wickets, exactly so). So to drop him is to say “We’ve no idea what were doing and are just making it all up”

  6. North is due a hundred in the second innings in Perth so they’ll keep him in for this one.

  7. Guess you all blew that one.

    That ‘s the satisfying thing about reading pommie posts – you always make assumptions that live mainly in a cloud cuckoo land. And are almost immediately refuted by reality.

    Keep them coming! The Ashes will be back where they beong in no time.

    Metaphorically speaking, of course, since you have been too small minded to let the urn go in the first place.

  8. Yeah, we assumed they’d drop him last time around, because we live in a cloud cuckoo land of logic.

  9. To be fair to Steve, I did assume that they wouldn’t drop him, so that’s one smug-point to the Aussies there. To be fair to the entirety of the non-Australian world, though, we did all say for ten years that Australia was only a world-beating side because of McGrath and Warne, while the Aussies were wittering on about Aussie toughness and conveyor belt of test players and more latterly a side in transition. So that’s a six billion smug-points to us. Hey ho.

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