A cricket ball lurking behind UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock

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Ged Ladd was watching UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, being interviewed by Sophy Ridge On Sunday.

“Just to the north-east of the cabinet minister’s ear, I can clearly see a cricket ball,” he said.

This is not perhaps the most unlikely location for a cricket ball as Hancock’s affection for cricket is fairly common knowledge.

In 2005, he went on an expedition to the North Pole during which he played a game.

We’re not sure which one of those people is Hancock.

He later explained: “I played the most northerly game of cricket out on the Arctic ice and to prepare for that – instead of dragging all the food you need, because we took everything and pulled everything behind us in a pulk – I ate enormous amounts of food and I put on three stone. I ate five meals a day and one of those meals was entirely flapjack.”

Since then, we’ve had a pretty excruciating game of office cricket for the 2019 World Cup…

… and also this, which is just pure Competitive Dad.

“24, 25, 26… 26 of the Queen’s runs.”


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. A more interesting question is does anybody in the UK dislike him more than all of the other cabinet members?

      Because as unpopular as he is, we’d be surprised if he came out absolute rock bottom if you were ranking him against his colleagues.

      1. That’s two days in a row I’ve been put of my grub by seeing that image. You never publish my delightful, charming whimsy that quickly, KC.

        Ghastly little man.

        Matt Hancock, I mean, not you, KC, obvs.

        Rock bottom is ever such a long way down in the current UK cabinet. And it’s pretty much all bottom.

      2. Reminds us of The Meg, where they find a bit of the sea deeper than the Mariana Trench.

        We do apologise for the promptness of our publication of this. Timeliness is so very rarely a consideration but we have to consider that Hancock may appear again next week with a different cricket item behind him. And then where would that leave us?

    2. I’d have thought the throdkin would have been suitable fare for such an expedition. For some reason the villain of this piece reminded me of the etymological route to the word ‘berk’

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