A toucan taking guard in a Test match

If you want to hear our latest failed attempt to get our words out without laughing, listen to Andy Zaltzman’s World Cricket Podcast. It’s a war we’ll always wage, but will seemingly never win.

This week’s highlight that was left on the cutting room floor was Andy going to answer the door halfway through. Don’t know why he cut that.

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4 Appeals

  1. One can only assume that Zaltzman’s charming introduction had you bowled over for the entire length of the episode.

  2. It’s good to put a voice to the words.
    It’s funny, you don’t sound like a three-headed, bath-dodging, non-sheet-changing perfidious pom at all.
    In fact, you sound like quite a nice one. Damn, I hate it when a prejudice falls apart.

  3. And just what species of toucan was it meant to be?

  4. King Cricket

    February 22, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    What’s the biggest kind? It was about six foot three.

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