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Can we have some reader feedback?

We’ve added a Test Match Sofa player in the right sidebar so that you can listen to Test Match Sofa while you’re on this site. When there isn’t a match, it plays highlights.

One, will you use it? Two, does it affect the loading times for pages on this site? It’s fine for us, but if you experience a problem, can you let us know?

Update: Silence means you’re fine with it, by the way.


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  1. 1) Only when TMS is blocking overseas listeners and there are no county commentaries.
    2) Loads fine for me.

  2. I listened to Test Match Sofa once and thought it was total rubbish. So, now I won’t be using this link.

  3. Do they always have that freeform jazz guitar in the background? That could get on my nerves after a while.

  4. This is a worrying development. I’m worried that this new fangled drive towards multimedia will distract you from your core mission.

    How often does Test Match Sofa include Rob Key related news?

  5. Do wish you hadn’t asked that – meandering down the right hand side came across top trumps again and have just wasted 30 mins losing to you. Blast

  6. Top trumps is right there at the top of the page. How have you not seen it?

  7. There’s all sorts of ads on your page – am immune to them unless I deliberately take my eyes from your central riveting prose. Am probably not an adman’s dream

  8. Indeed – lots of ads for sofas today for some unknown reason.

    What an extraordinary coincidence.

  9. Update – Silence means you’re fine with it, by the way.

    WHAT! That’s despicable! This website is the home of apathy. It’s where apathy goes for a lie down and a bit of a rest. Most people here can’t even be bothered to be apathetic. There are only some things on this website that could shake me out of my lethargy, and that’s Australians, Giles Clarke, and apathy abuse.

    You can’t start using apathy as an opinion! It’s just not on!

  10. I’m fine with it being there and it doesn’t appear to be affecting how the pages upload.

    However, it doesn’t work for me. But like Stuart I listened to it once and wasn’t bothered, so I’m not bothered that it doesn’t work.

    See Bert’s post for my opinion on your blatant abuse of reader apathy.

    What’s this place coming to? First tweets, then Test Match Sofa, now abuse of readership. What next KC? When will it stop? You’re the Lalit Modi of cricket blogs. Next time I come here to read your posts it will probably be called ‘King Cricket in association with Kingfisher’.

  11. Maybes, possiblys, Top Trumps, sofa ads and several complaints about our showing a lack of respect to apathy.

    Anyone who says that blogs are all about opinions should read these comments.

  12. It isn’t doing any harm (ie. it hasn’t changed any loading times) and I might – might – use it if my occasional visits to here and my occasional attendance in listening to “the sofa” collide.

  13. Works absolutely fine for me and well done for having the player on your site. The guys and gals from The Sofa continue to provide what I class as the most accurate, no holds barred commentary service. Yes we all hold a soft sport for the original TMS but having been preaching about the delights of the sofa to all of my cricketing friends they’ve all been converted. They combine fantastic (and sometimes a little OCD type) knowledge of the game with genuine hilarity and a breadth of anecdotes. It is a fantastic free service run by dedicated proper cricket buffs who do it out of genuine passion and love for the game rather than money.

    I firmly firmly recommend unless, of course, you are a sensitive flower who doesn’t like the odd swear word. In which case you are well beyond helpl

  14. Oh yes – so there is a top trumps add at the top of this page…..who knew.

    Us apathetic types are really not an adman’s dream, perhaps you should start going for the ad free look? But then again – would we notice?

    The page obviously loaded fine as you can see I have not chucked the computer out of the window, and am typing this.

  15. I am, in the spirit of the age, intending to practice my indifference towards it.

  16. I don’t like it and I don’t want it on the site. If you continue to put it up there, I will send Ian Austin round.

  17. Well that sounds nice. We like Ian Austin.

    What’s the specific objection? Does it slow the page down or do you just not like the look of it.

  18. as i said before i just don’t like the site (TM Sofa)\so don’t think you should publicise it. No other problem.

  19. Response so far has been the poorer side of ‘mixed’. We’re still in two minds about it.

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