Muttiah Muralitharan retirement – knee jerk reaction

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We’re certainly intending to do a proper Muralitharan retirement post – possibly after his last match – but for now, we can’t be bothered. These are the things that immediately came to mind when we heard he was retiring:

  1. Muttiah Muralitharan might just surpass Steve Harmison in our estimation as the finest batsman of his generation. Here’s why.
  2. Murali’s bowling technique: you try it if it’s so advantageous.
  3. The following Andrew Flintoff story.

Flintoff walked back into the Lancashire dressing room after getting out and everyone was staying out of his way because he was furious. Except for Murali.

Murali said: “What’s the matter, Freddie? Another crap shot, was it?”

He smiled when he said it and he got away with it. Murali and Flintoff are friends. You can’t teach good-natured cheek like that and only the tiniest fraction of the population can pull it off.


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  1. Got away with it, eh?

    Are you *sure* that Murali had bad teeth *before* he teased Fred?

  2. I trust that there was no straightening of the knee at the moment of the jerk, KC, otherwise you’d have to go off for ICC reprogramming.

  3. Again, batting great, bowling don’t care about. I like offspin which is nice and loopy, preferably bowled by a fat person. The only objective should be to bowl a batsman through the gate. Ramesh Powar is good. Sehwag is good. I like Swann even though he isn’t fat. Murali, at least on TV, always looked to be angling it in far too much for my liking.

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