AB de Villiers in un-ace shocker

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You all thought that AB de Villiers was ace at everything. He isn’t.

Roscoe drew our attention to Show Them Who You Are, a single on which AB sings and plays guitar. Roscoe rather generously gave it 1/10.

Apparently someone phoned up a South African radio station to tell them that the single made them feel proud to be South African. We asked Roscoe if the song made him proud to be South African.

“Nah, the song is pretty lame. It’s like a poor version of Bon Jovi, only with weird, South African/Australian pronunciation of words. I feel the opposite of proud. I feel ashamed that someone let him get away with lyrics that sound like they were written by Oprah. Maybe the producers were too busy guffawing into their hands to object. Either that or he signed autographs to make them stop laughing.”

He goes on to say that he’s a little bitter that AB’s band will get more airplay than his, so maybe you could listen to some of Roscoe’s music to balance things out a bit.

“I love cricket and I continue to play it at club level. I’m a left arm medium-fast bowler and I come in at number six with a few big shots. I’m also a musician and I continue to play rock music at (night)club level. I’m a right hand lead guitar/singer and I come in at about 11pm to down a few big shots of Jack Daniels.”

Roscoe did try to get an interview with the guy who co-wrote the song with AB, but said it was for King Cricket so never really got an answer. That’s the power of this website right there, people.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I did say a few weeks ago that AB was my pick for the Matty Hayden replacement slot.

    Is this ‘news’ evidence in favour of my argument? I think so!!

  2. Going back to a previous riff on naming ones children, I really do wonder how Mr and Mrs de Villiers managed to resist adding a “Charles” to the already-formidable Abraham Benjamin de Villiers.

    That would be ace.

  3. I listened to Mr de Villiers’ music. I couldn’t hear it properly after the first few seconds, then I realised it was because I had started sobbing uncontrollably at the sheer futility of existence.

    Then I crapped myself.


  4. I had a quick listen to the song, but fortunately my iPod was robbed at knifepoint just as I got to the middle eight.

    Sadly, I had already crapped myself by that point.


  5. Can’t beleive that people actually think the song is really bad!
    I actually love the song! And I’m not one of those teenage girls who only like it because it was sung by AB. I’m not South African but seriously I ike the lyrics to the song, way better then Brett Lee’s one in my opinion

    Show them who you are = awesome!

    Cheers Olivia

  6. I love this song. I am a teenager but I don’t just like it because it’s AB, I like it because it’s good. It may not be to everyone’s taste, I mostly like rock and heavy metal, but there’s no point having a go at him for it. Complaing about AB’s music just shows how sad and miserable the world is getting.

    Show Them Who You Are=brilliance

    Thanks Beth

  7. I love AB’s song. I am a teenager and do like AB, but I like his song because it motivates and inspires people to do their best. It isn’t some soppy love song that doesn’t even make sense, which scores points from me!

    Show them who you are= awesomeness

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