Adrian Barath hits a hundred against Australia on his debut

Adrian Barath finally gets his arse in gear

We didn’t see Adrian Barath’s hundred against an Australia bowling attack that we feel professionally obliged to describe as ‘rampant’. Was it any good?

Brian Lara though Barath was some prospect when he saw him batting in the nets, aged 11. Being as Barath’s 19 now, he must have been dossing about for his teen years. He could have been in the Test side at 13, but no, he was either writing on the back of Chris’s neck with a biro during maths or wasting the day indoors playing on his PS2, even though it was a beautiful day outside.


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6 Appeals

  1. Don’t know that I’d describe the Aussie attack as rampant, more that the Windies, apart from Barath, decided that is was easier to bring deck chairs out to the pitch instead of a bat, kick off the trainers and have a beer while watching the clouds roll by.

    Cricket is merely a state of mind after all.

  2. It was a good innings.

    A bit chancy, but on a bouncy pitch there’s not much wrong with throwing the bat at it when you’re going for a shot.

    I liked the hundred, but the second innings was the one that convinced me he’s got a future.

    He’s got lovely hand speed, and a nice flourish, but man, defends like a motherfucker. I had to start playing a drinking game with myself every time a commentator said “full face of the bat”, “gets behind the ball” or “showing the maker’s mark”. Of course this meant I passed out before the end, but it apparently turned out ok.

  3. second innings? barath’s century was the second innings. maybe you’re talking about umar akmal..?

  4. I’m having trouble making sense of it myself….

  5. I take all credit for that innings – I brought up Barath’s name in the “batsmen to watch out for in the next five years” post of KC.

  6. Umar Akmal and Adrian Barath are one person.

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