Bryce McGain’s Australia Test debut

Bryce McGain’s fairytale has been clubbed over wide long-on for six. But we don’t like to judge players on their debuts; it rarely gives a fair reflection of a player’s worth. Who’s worth 0-149 off 18 overs anyway?

Any player would be bricking it making their international debut, but consider the fact that McGain’s been working towards this for longer than most and has come further than most as well.

He’s 37 this week and he’s only played 21 first-class matches. He didn’t even turn professional until he was 35. From grade teams and second elevens to Victoria to Australia, he’s travelled further than the Littlest Hobo in these last few years. Imagine how much effort’s gone into that. Imagine how much pressure you’d put yourself under.

That said, he has been toss. When Jacques Kallis and Ashwell Prince are eviscerating you, you don’t WANT to take a wicket. Batsmen don’t come much more ponderous than that pair, what would a normal batsman do to you? As lead singer, Lips, says in Anvil! The Story of Anvil: “The best part is, at least things can’t get any worse.”

See this young man’s article for some reasons why, for once, you shouldn’t cheer an Aussie getting shredded.

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9 Appeals

  1. Jrod had been clamouring for Nice Bryce’s inclusion for an eon with excellent articles. I am all in favour, based on this one sample, of his picking the Aus Ashes team. Onto a winner there.

  2. nice, Anvil reference. Manowar would make a cool movie too.

  3. Agreed, Ceci: jrod to be put in charge of debutant selection from now on. Still, it’s testament to his enthusiasm that I felt genuinely conflicted while watching McGain being tonked to all corners. I hope he gets another bowl, but as Stuart Law said, it’ll take a brave selector indeed to pick him again (and it doesn’t look like the saffers will need to bat twice in this match).

    Anyone else see Colvile being an absolute knob about Law’s single test appearance, incidentally? Law looked less than pleased to be mocked by (per Wikipedia) a “keen club cricketer.”

  4. “keen club cricketer.” – implies he wasn’t even any good at club level. Even if he was twice as good at playing as he is at presenting he’d still be shit.

  5. ColVILE is always a knob – not sure if I hurl more abuse at him or at Alan Green on the footie commentary

  6. On MTWD’s Bryce McGain topic, one of our regulars describes the name as “a name worthy of a low grade porn star”.,10295166

    I have asked why this is but have yet to receive a reply. Perhaps someone here at King Crciket can explain for the benfit of us innocents.

  7. And now Johnson runs the poor guy out for a duck. Ouch.

  8. You not interested in the women cricketers success you sexist pig?

    Should we all just put our marigolds on and finish the washing up?

    People like you make me sick KING Cricket..

  9. I have written a fine match report on one of the Women’s World Cup matches, Barbara, but it doesn’t seem to have made the cut. Yet.

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