Ajantha Mendis to make his Test debut

He's going to be wearing white today!Let’s close our eyes to England’s filthy performance and instead imagine we’re in Sri Lanka. The sun is shining, monkeys are rife, you’re having string hoppers for breakfast and Sri Lanka are playing India in Colombo.

They’ll already have started by now and Ajantha Mendis should be playing. Unfortunately, Lasith Malinga‘s injured, so we’re going to be denied the most irregular, misshapen bowling attack of all time for a little while longer.

Murali will be playing though. With him at one end and Mendis at the other, the bowling will still be twice as weird as the next oddest attack, which was probably Alastair Cook’s round-arm spoddery as the Lord’s Test bored its way to a close.

To doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what everyone tells you to do and getting to play for Sri Lanka as a consequence!

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6 Appeals

  1. Sun? What sun?

    monsoon, n. — some serious rain. And then some. And then some more. Often found in Sri Lanka during July and August.

    That’s as opposed to the dodgy kebab vendor next to Spar on Manchester’s Oxford Road.

  2. King Cricket

    July 23, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    Why? What months does he go to Sri Lanka?

    It’s not proper rain though. It’s not well-set drizzle with never-ending slate grey skies. It’s a massive beasting onslaught for a couple of hours and then back to sunshine.

  3. “a massive beasting onslaught” … You just have to keep going back to Stuart Broad at every opportunity don’t you?

  4. is it me, or has king cricket become a little blasé, about murali! this new headline grabbing spinner, and of course mr malinga seem to be taking the bulk of king crickets sri lankan bowling attack attention! don’t forget the nicest man in cricket! not even linking him to past articles…. you have brought shame on yourself. please redeem yourself, with an indepth article, with regards to opposition batsmen happily giving away their wickets cheaply, just to see the beaming smile on the little rascals face! ‘bless him’ they say ‘what a jolly nice chap, i’m happy he took my wicket, after the match, i must buy him a drink to celebrate his job well done’.

  5. That must be why he loves playing against England so much, T.

  6. Mahela Jayawardene scores century at SSCG – as inevitable as night following day.

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