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(Almost) everyone rejoice: India have picked Rohit Sharma for an away Test match again

Rohit Sharma drives (via YouTube)

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Unbelievably, despite endless elite debate, Australians have once again completely lost track of ‘the line’

Photo by Sarah Ansell

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World T20: What is the correct number of left-arm finger spinners?

Sophie Ecclestone to Deandra Dottin (via ICC video)

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The only definition of ‘elite honesty’ that makes any sort of sense whatsoever

Justin Langer (via YouTube)

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Australian cricket’s elite hypocrisy and sanctimony

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The Disapprover: the new superhero of Australian cricket

Excuse making (via Sky Sports video)

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Watch the second Al Jazeera match fixing documentary in which (nameless) England cricketers are accused

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The two very obvious highlights from Pakistan v Australia in Abu Dhabi

Marnus Labuschagne (via YouTube)

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Mohammad Abbas could get hold of your phone number (and so could Naseem Shah)

Mohammad Abbas (via Sky Sports)

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Is an Australia player going to say ‘records are made to be broken’?

At the time of writing, Australia have made a solid start to chasing 400-and-plenty to win against Pakistan after losing ten wickets for 60 runs in their first innings.

We can’t at this point say what we expect the situation to be at the close of play, but it seems highly likely it will be a time for wide-eyed optimism. The very best form of wide-eyed optimism is when teams are chasing very big fourth innings targets and play ends for the day and everyone takes stock and loses all perspective.

At these times, the team that is highly likely to lose, pats itself on the back and says ‘maybe, maybe, maybe’ and they all say it to each other enough times that they get a little ahead of themselves.

The phrase ‘records are made to be broken’ is 50 per cent this and 50 per cent the professional obligation to try for a win (or at least a draw) no matter what the circumstances.

Records aren’t made to be broken. Records are made in the absence of a statistically superior event from the past.

Anyway, we’re very excited to see whether an Australia player says ‘records are made to be broken’. That’s the main thing that hangs in the balance in the final session – the possible saying of that phrase.

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