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In the spirit of being a half-arsed website with no clear direction, we thought we’d bring you the news as gathered by looking at a couple of scorecards on Cricinfo.

First of all, if you haven’t seen it before, we can confirm how the internet’s foremost cricket website (Cricinfo, not King Cricket) distinguishes between two players who possess exactly the same name.

But has Hasan Raza become Hasan Raza (1)?

They use a two. Textbook.

On an entirely different scorecard, Yorkshire’s Gary Ballance has three digits next to his name in a match against Australia. If you’ve read any articles about Lions squads this year, you’ll get the vibe that Gary Ballance is going to play for the full England side before too long. This probably confirms it.

Was Gary Ballance born in southern Africa? Of course he was. Everyone should be pleased by this. England supporters get a good, solid batsman and those who hate England get to continue plundering a rich library of jokes which has been built up over many years.


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  1. Stupid Cricinfo. Surely they mean “Hasan Raza too”.

    Ballance would add a certain something to the side, although I can’t think of exactly the right word. He certainly enhances England’s already superior punability quotient, and as with Graeme Swann, will contribute to generally poor spelling as journalists everywhere finally get sick of it and turn off the auto-correct function on their iPhones.

  2. I dream of an England XI consisting of Root, Cook, Trott, Taylor, Bell, Ballance, Prior, Broad, Swann, Finn, and Onions.

  3. The first piece of news proves KingCricket is indeed the foremost internet cricket website, as the second Scott here has the sensibility to distinguish himself* as Scott 2.0. Clearly the .0 makes all the difference. Whether you’re human or a bot is entirely in your hands.

    * This piece of information may or may not be accurate, but that is entirely beside the point.

  4. What is it with extra consonants these days?

    Buttler, Ballance…

    It’s like grade inflation in exam results and soaring house prices – bound to end in tears IMHO.

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