Cricket Life 1 update

Those of you with elephantine memories may be wondering whether Cricket Life‘s out yet.

It’s not.

However, their website has been updated with a fantastic picture of Mike Hussey.

This is why he's Mr Cricket and not Mr Modelling

“Okay, Mike. If you could just try and look a bit more like a retarded cow then that’d be great.

“Okay, bit more frightened…

“Bit more frightened…

“That’s it!”

Hey you!

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9 Appeals

  1. I particularly like the way that the last bit of “news” on their website is that they’ve unveiled the box. The box! It holds up to 8GB of game data*! That’s some serious cardboard engineering.

    (*Does not yet contain actual game data.)

  2. Things really are getting slow on the cricket news front if this counts as worthy of an update.

    How about a ‘told you so’/’I was SO wrong’ look back at the Ones you were Watching over the county season? The rest of the season will probably rained off anyway, so I see no reason to wait.

  3. King Cricket

    September 10, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    This is absolutely worthy of an update. Did you not look at his face?

    Ones To Watch will be ritually humiliated come the close season.

  4. Have you managed to edit out all mentions of Rikki Clarke as One to Watch yet?

  5. King Cricket

    September 10, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    He was worth watching: Dropping himself, resigning the captaincy, leaving the county because it had all gone so badly.

  6. That photo reminds me of the time i got my peen caught in my zipper.

  7. Are you sure thats the “Huss”?

  8. is this some new cricket game
    i’ve never heard of it
    is it different than others
    can anyone tell me somethin abt this game

  9. it looks really gud but i am also satisfied with blc 2k5 and 2k7 ……………….

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