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Actually, he touches on it a little bit, but Edward Craig’s blogs for The Wisden Cricketer are our kind of stuff. He’s in India for the cricket, but he’s mostly writing about mooching about and having a look at a place he’s never been to before.

We’re jealous. It takes us back to all the cricket conversations we had while we were in India. Most started ‘you look like Nasser Hussain’, which was weird, because we don’t really look anything like him. We’re not Indian for a start.

We particularly remember talking to an eight-year-old called Shaun on a bus in Karnataka. We asked him who his favourite cricketer was. It was Anil Kumble. We asked him who his favourite English cricketer was. For some reason, it was Bruce French.

Then he asked us what the major crops were in our home country, which was a bit embarrassing as we had no real idea.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. You have my sympathies for your hairline if indeed you do look like Nas.

    Wheat, barley, oil seed rape, beans, peas & potatoes. Maybe a bit of linseed oil & maize too.

  2. We’ve a full head of hair, although maybe Nas did when he toured India (it was the same year).

  3. I have a mate from up t’North who writes about cricket some time, and he does sort of look like Nas in a certain light.

  4. Swede, Turnip. Carrot Head, am I on the footie board?

    if so you are all a load of %&*$ veggie *&^% @#$%^%$$

  5. Not really knowing who Mr French is and having wondered about it since the last time you told us this story I found my answers (the lazy way) in the Wikipedia. It had this to say of Bruce French:

    “French saved two young girls from drowning while on a Test tour in Pakistan when he came across them by chance and has a trivial pursuit question about him for this.

    Bruce to these days enjoys Climbing to all extents in his spare time, he also coaches for the England cricket team.”

    Remarkable. I fully intend to take up climbing to all extents, just as soon as I find out where that might be.

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