England land early blow ahead of all those Asheses

England today landed a massive blow ahead of all the millions of Asheses that are going to be played over the next few years. This blow will have sent shockwaves through the whole of Australia.

The monumentally significant moment came when Australia named their team and revealed that Steven Smith was going to be batting at number six.

Take that, Australia!

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8 Appeals

  1. I like how the first line of the article reinforces the title.

  2. Is this how you pronounce Asheses?


  3. This ODI series is great, it gives both teams a chance to size each other up before the Test series later in the summer.


  4. No no no!

    There is only one urn known as “The Ashes”. It (singular) gets played for many times.

    Whether there are to be two series, eleven series or millions of series in the next two or three years appears to be the subject of some conjecture. Much of that conjecture appears to stem from this very web site.

    I’ll go away and do some deep research on the matter and report back with accurate figures in the fullness of time.

  5. If Smitteh plays in the next big thingie, you can call them the Gashez.

    Or the Trashez.

  6. Are you still upset?

    Would you like a hug?

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