England retain the number one Test spot in fine style

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New Zealand drew with South Africa because it pissed it down on the last day. As a result, the Saffers cannot secure the 3-0 series win they would need to become the top-ranked Test side.

This is a highlight. This is better than a Test championship. England have retained the top spot in the Test rankings because a match involving two other teams was rained off.

This is cricket in its purest form: glory in absentia as a result of precipitation. It’s like hardcore Duckworth-Lewis or something.

The English know how to experience a moment of triumph – indifferently, perhaps while eating a crumpet.


  1. The Saffers choke yet again!! Passive choking on this occasion.

    But why oh why are we only playing them in three tests this summer? Have I bemoaned this matter before?

    1. Yes, but it’s worth repeating.

      We’ll be repeating it a few times once the season starts.

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