England retain the number one Test spot in fine style

New Zealand drew with South Africa because it pissed it down on the last day. As a result, the Saffers cannot secure the 3-0 series win they would need to become the top-ranked Test side.

This is a highlight. This is better than a Test championship. England have retained the top spot in the Test rankings because a match involving two other teams was rained off.

This is cricket in its purest form: glory in absentia as a result of precipitation. It’s like hardcore Duckworth-Lewis or something.

The English know how to experience a moment of triumph – indifferently, perhaps while eating a crumpet.

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8 Appeals

  1. …and just to make it even more joyous – it was unseasonably warm and sunny here. Arf arf.

  2. Does this make us the RAINING champions? Eh? Does it? Hmm? Hmmm?

    You have to laugh.

  3. Somewhere in California a bidding war for the rights to this is breaking out.

  4. The Saffers choke yet again!! Passive choking on this occasion.

    But why oh why are we only playing them in three tests this summer? Have I bemoaned this matter before?

    • King Cricket

      March 14, 2012 at 8:05 am

      Yes, but it’s worth repeating.

      We’ll be repeating it a few times once the season starts.

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