India v Pakistan was actually quite, quite rubbish

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We can officially reveal that India v Pakistan in the World T20 wasn’t quite interesting enough to prevent keen cricket fans from going out to buy eggs and then out again, a second time, to post something.

To put this in context, we would rank posting letters right up there with opening letters on the list of things we will try and postpone indefinitely. The ideal scenario for us is when we postpone the posting of something for so long that it no longer needs posting and can instead be thrown away. During India v Pakistan, we thought: “Hmm, might as well as post that.” But not only that. We then actually did it, which is another step altogether.

It was Pakistan’s fault. Quite often they never really get round to starting their innings. You think, after about 10 or 12 overs, that they might begin soon, but then they don’t. Next thing you know, they’ve made 130 and the match is basically over.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. yeah, what happened? no hang on a minute… the *predictable* outcome was that pakistan would come out guns blazing for this emotionally-charged match, and boom-boom afridi would pulverise the ball at a strike rate of 350 before getting spectacularly bowled. but they never like to be predictable, so they did the opposite.

    not quite sure how they thought this was going to win them the match, tho…

  2. What was it you were posting? Was it your completed Listener Crossword entry? A short story for Mills and Boon entitled “The New Vicar”? Membership application for the Wilmslow Young Communists? A letter to The Cricketer magazine with advice on alternative uses for a bat grip applying cone?

  3. Not to mention Hafeez was before the match talking about how it was good that Afridi was in form, but is Afridi ever really in form?

  4. Whereas the qualifying tournament, long-advocated by some (such as me) but derided in advance by others as ICC madness in both concept and implementation, provided a hum-dinger of a final appetizer.

    Personally I missed all the excitement and the tedium yesterday.

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