Kamran Akmal slogs some sixes

We’re worried about Pakistan. No-one will tour there and they’re hardly playing. We don’t want their side to deteriorate. If Pakistan become an unofficial second tier nation, cricket will lose its most wilfully unpredictable team.

Pakistan have banned their best batsman and had their best bowler banned for them. You look at them now and they look mediocre. Then they chase down 295, achieving their target off the penultimate ball, with their wicketkeeper, Kamran Akmal, hitting 24 off nine balls.

In their next match they will be bowled out for three. Shahid Afridi will walk out, only to return and hit a double hundred in the match after that. Then Waqar Younis will make a comeback. Then someone you’ve never heard of will bowl at 100mph and hit eight sixes off three balls.

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1 Appeal

  1. That’s Akmal’s spot secured for the next few matches then, no matter how many catches he drops.

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