Kent v Yorkshire Pro40 match report

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From what would appear to be our Kent Pro40 correspondent, Lemon Bella:

I forgot that this match started an hour earlier than usual, so I didn’t have time to get lunch ready. This meant I arrived at the ground armed only with some dried apricots and a bottle of water.

I sat in a different seat than usual. Generally I fear change, because it only ever ends badly, but this time it just ended with a squeaky chair and me looking at everything from a slightly different angle. I might attempt more change next season.

In the interval I ate my apricots and a Jaffa Cake my friend gave me. Ryan McLaren ate a piece of melon.

I didn’t have any coffee because I didn’t remember about it until I’d sat back in my seat. There was a cross-looking couple sitting on the end of the row and I was a bit scared to ask them to move again. They had coffee. It was in a flask and they’d brought their own special mugs.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Lovely report Lemon,

    Can I just ask, did you go with your friend?
    or did you meet your friend there?
    or did your friend give you the jaffa cake previously and was not actually with you at all?


  2. Again, I’m not being precise enough for you, am I?

    I met her there, and so she gave me the jaffa cake there. If she’d given it to me previously I would have eaten it then.

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