KL Rahul: “Hello Lord’s!”

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KL Rahul successfully made it to the middle at Lord’s, batted a bit and then just about successfully made it back to the changing rooms again.

As Tom Evans points out, it’s a long way.

Here’s Rahul’s epic journey.

“Well, we’ve kept them waiting long enough. Let’s do it to ’em.”

“Rock and roll.”

“Let’s go.”

“It’s gonna be a hot one, innit?”

“No, it’s not an exit. We don’t want an exit.”

“This way, this way.”

“Wait, this looks familiar. It really does.”

“We’re in the group. We’re in the group that’s playing tonight.”

“You go straight through this door here. Down the hall. Turn right. And then, there’s a little jog there – about 30 feet. Jog to the left. Go straight ahead. Turn right at the next two corners and first door you’ve a sign “authorised personnel only” – open that door. That’s the changing room.”

“Rock and roll!”

Hello Lord’s!


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  1. The video abruptly cuts from a narrow passageway with yellow lighting to a narrow passageway with bright white lighting. The narrow(er) path that connects these two is not open to the public – this is where Grace’s ghost resides and exposes itself to anyone who scores a duck or a century. This is the real reason why Sachin Tendulkar didn’t hit a century there. Any why Agarkar did.

    I know this throws up a few questions but I am not privy to the details. Ged Ladd knows – he knows a lot.

    1. Under normal circumstances a visiting team player would not need to take that convoluted route – they’d use the north side staircase. But under covid bio security that staircase is for members to use and the south staircase is for all players.

      I have never used that connecting passageway on the middle floor. . It is marked “there be dragons” on my map.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Feels like there might be some readers here in the overlap of the mid-2000s memes/cricket venn diagram that would appreciate the fact that Root has now scored Over 9,000 Test runs…

  3. Not sure I get the “turd of a pitch” reference either.

    Typical Lord’s wicket. Par first innings score in the 350 zone – both teams batted well to exceed that. Should be a result unless both teams bat very well second dig.

    Quite slow scoring, but not ridiculously slow/low; both sides have mostly bowled good containing stuff. Poor balls can be punished for full value; most of the bowlers have bowled tight.

    1. I may yet be proved wrong by this. Balls on the second day dying in front of the slips didn’t exactly fill the heart with confidence at the time.

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