Know your Bazball – an illustrated guide

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Are you settling in for the Ashes and finding yourself a bit perplexed by all the ‘Bazball’ talk? If you’re struggling to know what is and isn’t Bazball and don’t want to embarrass yourself by making a faux pas – fear not! Simply consult our short and informative illustrated guide…








If you now go and read our 10 things to watch out for during the Ashes you’ll be perfectly prepared for the series.

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  1. Bizarrely enough I was at a funeral with the actress who played “The Gatekeeper” in Wizbit the other week

    1. Sometimes, as we publish stuff on here, we wonder where the comments are going to go.

  2. The Australian commentators have already been awful with Bazball like phrases. I’ve already heard Travball, Gazball, and Smudgeball. Could be a long series listening to the Australian commentators. It must be said that while our test team is in fairly good shape, for the country that produced Richie Benaud our commentary stocks are at an all time low. I don’t think I like any current Aussie commentators and listening to clips of the Sky team fills me with jealousy.

  3. Quotes of the morning so far.

    Mel Jones: ‘We call them wedgies in Australia. You could never find the right knickers.’

    Ricky Ponting: ‘The best businessmen are the guys who solve problems faster than others.’

    Ian Ward (to Pat Cummins): ‘England are going to come at you…is that ok?’

  4. Was the declaration really as much of a surprise as some are suggesting, at least in headlines? Seems like England could have added another 20 or so, but anyone who’s been watching them over the last year wouldn’t have been shocked at the decision.

  5. The outrage and scoffing at the declaration has been enjoyable. Although for fun and entertainment value, I can never get enough of Joe Root hitting Nathan Lyon for six, so I was a little disappointed we didn’t get another half hour of that.

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