Lancashire’s Tom Smith succumbs to chronic back knack

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If we weren’t actually first off the mark in lauding Tom Smith, we were there or thereabouts. He elicited that laudery by taking 3-29 on the first day of the 2006 season. Fortunately for us, Smith actually made his debut a year before, so we’re still not yet at the point where this website has spanned a player’s entire career. Give it time.

Smith becomes the second Lancastrian 2014 county player to watch to be forced into premature retirement by chronic back knack after Kyle Hogg failed to even see out that season.

It is sad. Smith had an extremely good 2014 and people finally started to notice a man whose name had never really helped his cause. He played for England Lions. He did well. The following season: back knack – and he never really recovered.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s the wafer thin possibility that Glen Chapple might be forced into a 2017 cameo as a result of an unexpected injury crisis. Glen managed to evade injury to such an extent that he managed to take 985 first-class wickets – about half of which came on the same rock hard Old Trafford pitch which shuddered Hogg and Smith’s bodies to a standstill.

Do it, Glen. Just nip in for one match and take a cheeky 15-for. Round it up.


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  1. Strong nostalgic feelings for the picture of ceefax on the Tom Smith link. I miss ceefax.

    1. What was the significance of calling yourself Blue and Brown back then? Was it the colour of each of the two pairs of trousers?

    1. “.., knack is still preventing him from returning.”

      I’ll miss Tom Smith – I voted for him as Lancashire player of the year once, maybe 2009?

      1. Actually, looking at his bowling and batting stats, it might have been 2010, although it could be argued that he doesn’t appear to have necessarily warranted my vote in either year.

        I think I was just impressed by seeing him open both the batting and the bowling at one of the games I went to in whatever year it was.

      2. 2010… hmmmm…. presumably Glenn Chapple was both Lancs’ and Notts’ player of the year that season? 😉

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