Glen Chapple tries to deny Lancashire’s batsmen division two

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Glen Chapple - pretty much always squinting a little bitDon’t think for one minute that we don’t like the wisened pile of freckles that is Glen Chapple.

We always moan about Lancashire’s ageing medium-pace all-rounders, but the truth is we’ve nothing against either Chapple or Dominic Cork. It’s just that having both of them clogs the side for younger players a bit – not that that’ll be a problem next season.

Glen Chapple made up for Lancashire’s shocking batting this week, by taking 6-40 to bowl out Kent for 92. He’d just hit 45 as well. When a man’s played his whole career for Lancashire and he can do that, how could we not like him?

When Chapple first appeared (with a ‘bing’ sound and a faint puff of smoke), everyone at Lancashire was adamant he’d play for England. It was accepted as a fact. Back then he was a fast bowler and was considered an exciting prospect.

Like most quick bowlers, he slowed but got more skilful while his batting improved a huge amount. He’s managed to maintain the exact level of performance required to warrant an A-tour for his entire career, first as a fast-bowler, then as a reliable line and length bowler and now as an all-rounder. But he’s never quite gone further than that. He played a single one-day international against Ireland in 2006.

This season he averages 25 with the bat, which puts him RIGHT UP THERE for Lancashire. He’s taken 37 wickets at 21 with the ball. This is pretty much your standard Glen Chapple season.


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  1. We don’t much like Glen Chapple here in Kent. He’s been a thorn in our flesh more times than I care to remember.

    His bowling spell on Friday might just have broken my crickety heart.

  2. Too bloody right Dave.. If in the last match of the season, he performs like that, he’s getting promoted to “The Executioner of Truth”

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