Limp top orders and wily old gnarl-dogs – Lancashire v Nottinghamshire

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Both good teams. Both good teams who wait until six wickets are down before scoring any runs. So far Lancashire are having the better of things, bowling Nottinghamshire out for 169 before producing a staggeringly huge 48-run opening stand. Our man Paul Horton still stands a chance of top-scoring for Lancashire, even though he was out for 24.

Despite the presence of Stuart Broad and Graeme Swann, we expect the Nottinghamshire wickets column to be dominated by Andre Adams – because it almost always is. He and Lancashire’s Glen Chapple have much in common. They don’t have much international experience and seem better players the deeper they get into their thirties. They make county cricket seem like a ‘dads v lads’ match where the dads are going all-out for victory.

Hurray for wily old gnarl-dogs. James Taylor’s dismissal by Glen Chapple must rank as the most inevitable of the season.


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  1. The tidal wave of Lancastrian dominance is just starting to get going, I see. That’s the thing about tidal waves – they start from something very small and build into something huge and unstoppable. Or is that snowballs? I think it might be snowballs. On reflection, I think tidal waves start from massive earthquakes and are unstoppable from the start. And I’m not too sure about snowballs either, as for the most part I think they are quite stoppable, by someone’s face for example. I’m not trying to say that Lancashire’s progress to a second consecutive county championship title could be stopped by someone’s face. It can’t. It’s as unstoppable as an outbreak of chlamydia in a hall of residence. That’ll do.

    92 for 3 now, with all the best batting yet to come.

    1. “Plenty of batting still to come” is a phrase no commentator should ever be allowed to use.

    2. Yeh well I didn’t say that. I said that the best batting was yet to come, which might still be true. Frankly, for Lancs right now it might still be true when Anderson is out. So you can’t blame me for Lancashire’s middle order shambles. Besides, I wasn’t the one who said Andre Adams would take 5 for 31.

      36 behind now, and still with all four of our last four wickets in hand. Actually, make that all three of our last four wickets in hand. Adams has six, and that’s all your doing KC.

    3. We were just reminded of the ‘plenty of batting still to come’ line by what you said. It wasn’t a dig.

      We wince whenever the TV coverage displays the next three batsmen. It’s inevitable the phrase will follow and then the commentator reading out their names.

      Regarding Andre Adams. 7-31 now. It’s almost like we know what we’re on about.

  2. I’ve worked it out now. A few weeks ago Michael Clarke won international praise for declaring Australia’s first innings with a deficit. So, Lancs have decided that this is the best way to win every match, but have also decided not to bother with all the effort and stress of actually declaring. Instead, they’ve adopted that tried-and-tested method of achieving a first innings deficit – not scoring as many runs as your opponent.

    Quite brilliant.

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