Last ball finishes are good whatever length the format

Scott Styris - black-clad hunk o' burnin' loveWhat a great match. What a fantastic finish. One-day cricket’s an idiot – how can it not know that it’s dead?

Twenty20 waited for one-day cricket in an Indian backstreet and when one-day cricket arrived, Twenty20 beat it senseless with a black cricket bat. One-day cricket’s bloodied and barely conscious, but for some reason it’s waving a flag and trying to do a dance.

Don’t dance, one-day cricket. Don’t dance. Just rest. Wait for the emergency services. They’ll cryogenically freeze you and maybe you’ll get thawed out at some indeterminate point in the future.

England v New Zealand fourth one-day international at the Oval
England 245 all out (Owais Shah 63, Ravi Bopara 58, Tim Southee 3-47)
New Zealand 246-9 (Scott Styris 69)

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7 Appeals

  1. Heee hee hee – love the label on the pic…

  2. I’ve been interested to have seen 3 live T20 matches so far, the first two of which were largely dull and predictable, and only Warks beating Somerset in the last over the other day actually felt like a genuine competition. And as for the number of mismatches the scoresheets suggest occurred in the IPL it seems as the format matures it almost seems to act more and more like it’s big brother anyway.

    Good match last night though, natch.

  3. Games like that are great. But before we get all excited I have 2 words: World Cup.

    At least with T20 boring games are over in a couple of hours.

  4. You sick f*cker. Now I can’t get the image of Styris getting down, out of my head.

    Shame on you.

  5. I love how every time there is a good one dayer everyone stops to scream, i told ya dey wasn’t dead, ma, pa, get da shotgun.

  6. Suave – you can always erase the image of Stud Styris with the thought of KIrk Douglas’s sex face from Len’s blog….

  7. Ceci.. I had to spend eight hours looking at naked women, just to rid myself of that image last time. I’m not looking at it again!

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