Graham Napier’s ‘mensely bad timing

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This is what we’re pommily whinging about. Graham Napier hit ‘mense amounts of runs off negligible balls due to a ‘mense number of sixes. Yet where’s our report?

Napier’s innings ended during the beer hours and we can’t be expected to remain coherent at that time.

How much more ‘mensely dissatisfied with our performance could our readership be? The answer, of course, is ‘none’ – none more ‘mensely dissatisfied.


  1. “It was awesome, fantastic” was the way Napier described his own innings.

    He’s nearly as shit hot at modesty as that fat headed Aussie git.

  2. BB and I have something called G.O.C. (Grolsch o’clock). G.O.C. occurs every time we have nearly finished whatever job we happen to be doing.

    Why am I telling you this? Well; it ‘s G.O.C + 3.

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