Middlesex v Yorkshire day four – match report

Ged writes:

It was a beautiful sunny day, the London Underground was on strike and I had arranged to work from home.  I thought it would be a good idea to head over to Lord’s, catch some of the cricket and catch up with an increasingly large pile of background reading. The office staff more than understood.

I had a conference call scheduled for 10am and a few other bits and pieces of work to get out of the way before heading off. The call went as planned, but a few other bits and pieces came in while I was on the call. By 12.30pm, I realised that any thought of the morning session was futile, other than grabbing a quick bite of lunch at home and listening to that last half hour before lunch on the Internet radio while I ate.

The walk from my front door to the Grace Gate takes me 37 minutes, give or take one minute or so.  That makes me 10% faster than Google Maps’ (other route planning apps are available) expectations. Conveniently, if I leave home as soon as the umpires call lunch, I know from experience that I can get to Lord’s on foot just before the resumption.

As I arrived at Lord’s, one of the female stewards said: “Hello, nice to see you. Hurry up, they’re just about ready to start,” as if the officials and players had been waiting for my arrival. I grabbed a seat at the sunny end of the Warner just in time. I soon relocated to the Grandstand for a while, before moving on to catch the end of the session in the Pavilion.

I read some stuff on big data. I also pondered three philosophical questions on ethics in financial services, the answer to all of which, sadly, was almost certainly no. I watched some cricket. I chatted briefly with some Middlesex friends before walking home.

I spent roughly as much time walking as I spent at cricket.  It certainly was worth it.

Stop, stop. Wait a minute.

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16 Appeals

  1. Outstanding piece full of magnificently tedious detail. Perfect aperitif for a day of meetings and team-building exercises. Thanks Ged.

  2. To quote Shakin’ Stevens – Lovely stuff.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words, folks.

    Ceci – I’d particularly like to add an extract from yours to my list of testimonials.

    “…magnificently tedious detail” will sit very nicely alongside:-

    “surprisingly funny considering it is written by a couple of accountants” – for the first book, and

    “crazy but worth your attention” – for the most recent book.

    Bert – should I attribute “lovely stuff” to you or to Michael Barratt?

  4. Fourth wall! You’re breaking the fourth wall!

  5. So Warner has a sunny end, and an end from which he eats …

  6. No post on your other site yet on what a monumental bellend Chris Froome is?

  7. Friends. I blogged another blog. This one is about Lara, chinos, chuckers and a broken scoreboard.

    Please and, as ever, thank you.


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