Mohammad Aamer becomes a fully-fledged Pakistani cricketer

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Not many countries can pick 17-year-olds to open the bowling for them, because not many countries have 17-year-olds who can scythe the ball past international opening batsmen and swing it both ways. Even that’s not enough to make Mohammad Aamer a fully-fledged Pakistani cricketer though. There’s more to it than that.

To be a Pakistani cricketer, you have to at some point do something demented. Mohammad Aaamer today obliged and can now be considered the genuine article. He hit 73 not out, batting at 10, after Pakistan had been 101-9.

Pakistan still contrived to lose the match by seven runs, because they never want you to think you know what’s going to happen. There is no plot when it comes to Pakistan, only a never-ending series of events that may or may not be connected.


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  1. Seventeen? Hasn’t he got better things to do, like loitering on street corners with his mates, smoking and leering at passers-by?

  2. nah, I’d say he’s a bit different to the standard Pakistani cricketer, he’s always looked a bit more level-headed and composed.

  3. btw, is “you have to at some point do” grammatically correct? it’s like “to boldly go”, I think? just checking..

  4. I don’t think the world is as bothered about split infinitives these days, e normous. All part of the general slide into the grammatical abyss. Like not using capitals and full stops. Sad times.

  5. I am usually very anti split infinitives. But for some reason I rather like this one.

    But I would have gone for commas to, as it were, enhance the effect.

    “you have to, at some point, do something demented.”

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