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Neil has been earnestly telling Test Match Special listeners how sandwiches are 99p after 7pm in the shop near where he’s staying.

TMS make a grave, grave error every time they don’t use this man for a match.

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4 Appeals

  1. I very much appreciated it when he told everyone that AB de Villiers had drawn up a sign saying “M. Morkel” and tried to stick it up over the Groundsman’s Shed, but was stopped by a member of staff.

    Neil Manthorp gets my approval.

  2. Now that’s useful information. I don;t want to know Geoffrey Boycott’s opinion on batting, I want to know where to buy cheap sandwiches.

  3. Neil is a true independent, & seems to take the ups & downs of freelancing on the chin. You have to read his columns, wherever they are published. Of course we also need limited snacks of Boycott and Tufnell regional caricatures (not a whole series’ worth).

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