Out of the Ashes extra scenes

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Worth watching to see Matthew Fleming getting super-nervy whenever a batsman hits a shot towards the car while he’s coaching at the MCC Cricket Camp in Afghanistan.

Win a copy of the DVD:

  • 50 words on how you’d get any non-Test playing nation to the 2015 World Cup
  • Send your entry to king@kingcricket.co.uk
  • Last day for entry

We’d like to see more entries for France, Italy and Germany, quite frankly.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. I knew there would be some kind of insider hints if I waited long enough.

    Given that the rules don’t say anything about one entry per person/household, I am going to start European-team based spamming momentarily, now I know your preferences.

  2. In that case, I choose to enter just once. If I spend the rest of my afternoon e-mailing what can best be described as borderline racist commentaries thinly veiled under a cricketing metaphor and STILL don’t win, I’d be way more gutted, I think.

  3. “Maximum one prize per household…”

    If I establish a harem of, say, 100 wives, all in separate living quarters, does this mean I can win 100 prizes? There’s still a few hours left, so if you can let me know soonish I can get on with it.

  4. Posting here since nobody will read the last post. I like the new site, KC. Well done. Only nitpicks are the headline font and the whole confusion regarding appeal/comment. When I am done reading the blog post, I am at the bottom of the post. After that I WANT TO READ THE COMMENTS. I don’t want to dick around with mouse to find the comments section. Please put the comment link at the bottom of the post or just remove the appeal link and put the comment link there. Scrolling down is more natural, in my opinion, than scrolling up.

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