We know how you all feel about change

We’re pretty sure that none of you are in favour of change, so apologies for making things look different. Just try and ignore it.

If you want someone to blame, blame The Crowe. We got him to do this design for us. We’d link to his website, but he hasn’t finished it yet.

One of our favourite pastimes is being phenomenally nitpicky about any website built by The Crowe, so if you do spot something that even slightly offends you, please point it out.

We have two main approaches when being irritating in this way:

  1. We make him change something and then a week later suggest he changes it back to how it was. When we do this, we moan at him excessively for making a stupid change in the first place.
  2. We say: “Can you make it look a bit chunkier?”

Sometimes we combine these approaches and by repeating the ‘change it back’ stage again and again, we can often attain a higher plane of irritation.

At least the website matches the T-shirts now.

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78 Appeals

  1. Hmmmm …. possibly.

  2. As a red-green colorblind person, I am offended by the number of posts per page.

  3. This is much less of an eye-sore than that banner that graced the precious version.

    I didn’t care for that banner.

  4. And the new version comes with the added advantage of a primeval life form appended to every comment.

    Also “precious” in my last comment should be “previous”. There was nothing precious about that banner.

  5. The banner is a winner. Don’t care much about the post headlines being in the same font. Also like the clean look of the right columns.

  6. It’s very…orange? I’m not a woman so I can’t identify the colours. Beigeorangecream?

  7. It’s very beigeorangecreamy is the point I was trying to make.

  8. Aaaaaghhh, aaagh, chaaaaaaaange.

    It’a just fine though.

  9. the old banner had a sense of… oldness. it will be missed. also, the posts are too much to the left of the page. surely we don’t need all that bit about twitter on the right?

    I hate change.

  10. It’s all gone left. Why this left hell!?

    I preferred it all in the middle – much like the blog – sat there, never saying much, neither one thing nor the other – like Bob Cunis or Nick Knight.

    I suppose it’s better than sitting too far to the right.

    But in principle, I hate change too – so discard you. Otherwise, it’s pretty good. (That’s how i like my opinions).

  11. Bob Cunis. Without question the finest piece of cricket commentary ever. More than that. Without question the finest piece of speaking ever.

    So while on the one hand all these changes have given us the opportunity to be reminded of Bob Cunis, I’m not sure that the changes are worth it. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that no changes to anything ever have ever been worth it. And if that sounds like a complete rejection of all human history and progress, can I just remind you of Lesley Ash.

    (Nice avatar, BTW Douglas. It really suits you.)

    And just to keep KC happy, I think the left margin is too wide, too pastel, too far to the left, and a bit too narrow for my taste.

  12. What is that font in the titles??? it’s like comic sans….everyone knows comic sans is for 9 year old girls

  13. I am only contributing to this to see what strange little creature I am assigned.

  14. Well, he’s rubbish.

    I may just have not looked (I haven’t really looked), but where is the handy tool for “next post/previous post” that used to live below Similar deliveries?

    Can you kindly direct me to it, or re-instate it?And make it look a bit chunkier while you’re at it.

  15. My thoughts about the new aesthetic aside, I’m well impressed that you got Martin Crowe to redesign your website.

  16. What is that avatar?! Uncanny. Better than the black-square chic you’re sporting, Bert.

  17. Chic – yes, that’s the word. Also post-modern iconoclasticism I thought. Essentially a rejection of the whole bourgeois concept of identity vis-a-vis modern methods of communication.

    In fact caused by me making a balls of the process on Gravatar’s website. I had chosen a picture of the best looking one from Manowar.

    No, on second thoughts, ignore that last bit and go with the first paragraph.

  18. S’alright. I agree with Tim about the missing links though. Harrumph.

  19. King Cricket

    February 9, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Tim and String, we’ll get them reinstated later in the week.

    Thanks for giving us something to whine to The Crowe about.

  20. Bert – you are the missing link.

  21. and why cant one follow you on facebook??

  22. King Cricket

    February 9, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    We don’t ‘do’ Facebook.

    Think we have a fan page or something. Don’t really know what that means or what goes on there though what with not using the site.

    Probably just a list of all of our typos if the comments here are anything to go by.

  23. Between what and what, Douglas?

  24. I was also going to complain about the “next post/previous post” link being missing, but it is not necessary now.

  25. YES!! I got a cat picture


  27. I wonder if my new picture is more technically didactic than my old one?

  28. WHY AM I STILL A STUPID BLUE BLOB? What am I missing here?

  29. Oh. Refresh. Ahem.

  30. There’s a lot of wasted space on the right side. Other than that, it looks great.

  31. Well put, Ceci. I think that about sums it up.

  32. please change the font. i’m beginning to question why im here. also aren’t fleetwood mac brilliant?

  33. King Cricket

    February 9, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    What about all the nine-year-old girls who read the site, bob789?


  34. Kendal King Pin

    February 9, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    The post is sitting on top of the banner. And not in a good way.

    Other than that, it appears to be inoffensive. Or, at least, no more offensive than it was previously.

    I am ambivalent about the colours. As indeed all of you should be. Get a grip.

  35. King Cricket

    February 9, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    Is that in Internet Explorer 7, Kendal King Pin?

    • Er, I can’t remember.

      It was either in Chrome (home) or IE7 (work).

      Not really important now as it appears to be fine.

      Keep up the work.

  36. I said this in the comments section of the other piece, but it refuses to show up. So I give my minor suggestion again here: A tag-cloud would be a great addition to this site, while you are working on it. It is super-cool, and will also save space, so you can get rid of some of the tables on the right. As a sample, check out this favorite chess website of mine – you’ll see it on the right.



  38. And I don’t like my avatar thing. Can it be changed/removed?

    And the font for each post is too small.

    I do like the menus on the right, especially the addition of the short photo option (is that an addition?).

    But that’s pretty much it. Sorry.

  39. I concur on the too much to the leftishness, and on the comic sans banner issue. I’m okay with the orangeybeigeishness, though I’d prefer a chunkier shade of orangeybeige. Maybe beigeyorange even?

    Actually, on reflection, it’s all a bit too professional looking…could you change it all back?

  40. I must be really suggestible. The leftishness didn’t bother me till people started complaining about it, and now I can’t stand it. The whole site is off kilter. I worry my laptop will leave a groove on the left side of the desk. It is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    And do you really need to write “Why not subscribe to our feed or follow us on Twitter?”. Not very royal, all this wordiness. The buttons are worth a thousand words.

  41. Between black and white squares Bert.

  42. I think it’s very nice
    (I want an avatar)

  43. this one is better

  44. I thought I had found my way to one of the really old archive pages – has that feel.

    Good – the candelabra logo thing has gone [that is how I felt about it not that it really looked like one]

    Bad – Not a good use of space is it, and the colour is really ho hum with that pale blue.

    That facebook group is here…due to the Kings lack of interest everyone buggered off to twitter….

    Just waiting to see what avatar it gives me….

  45. Damn! I thought I’d get a random one…but it gave me my 668 one – how did it manage that?

  46. I guess it is ok

  47. When I click on the Appeals, it takes me to the Discussion Area – Make an appeal box rather than to the first of the appeals. This makes me scroll up using my right index finger so I can read the Appeals. If I get RSI, I’ll sue you, KC.

    • I noticed that too. I assume that it’s because most of the comments look like someone has just skimmed the article and then bashed out a statement without seeing what everyone else has been saying. That’s certainly how the rest of the internet works.

      And, I’ve just done this comment using the “Reply” button to the right of your name, Fred. I am curious to know what effect this has.

    • Cool – I’ve become indented. Am I the first person ever to become indented on a King Cricket thread? Do I get a prize?

    • King Cricket

      February 10, 2011 at 10:53 am

      You are the first indented commenter, Bert, but there is no prize. You are prize hungry at the moment. It’s out of hand.

      The bottom-left link is to appeal (we should probably reword it). The top-right speech-bubble-and-a-number thing is to see the comments.

  48. I am outraged I cannot reply to Bert’s reply. WHERE IS MY RIGHT TO REBUTTAL?

  49. i go on holiday for 2 weeks and come back to this.
    it the was worst holiday ever as well.
    and now this.

  50. and i get a crappy avatar thing too.

  51. brad, what have you done with the rest of the appeals?

  52. I’ve found them. But it’s mildly annoying that they’re automatically split into separate pages, with no clickable backwards/forwards.

    Change is one thing, but this is masochism.

  53. Well fixed, O King.

    Bert – the appeals were split into pages 1 and 2. You had to specify in the address bar which page you wanted to look at. Which was poopy.

  54. One problem with the Reply button is that it separates the thread into different conversations. In the old system I could leave a comment, and if people around me were writing and replying to each other, I could convince myself that I was part of that and that they were my friends. Now all that will happen is that my comment will sit un-replied-to, painfully obvious to everyone in its isolation and lack of indented replies, while everybody else is replying away to other people. The same thing happened in my local pub when they got more than one table.

    • King Cricket

      February 10, 2011 at 3:40 pm

      We are not totally ‘sold’ on replies to comments yet.

      Let’s give it a whirl and we can always remove it if it’s too confusing.

      We do appreciate everyone’s opinions, by the way. Even the ones that complain about the colours that are EXACTLY THE SAME AS BEFORE and the one about the text being too small when it’s EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE AS BEFORE.

    • OOOOOOOOOOOO, get you KC. Surely the post titles are smaller?

      And how come Bert gets a cool forward defensive and I get a shit alien thing?

      I’m massively jealous.

    • Sorry, Tim not Bert.

      Bert gets a black square. That’s possibly better.

  55. Still think the colours are a bit wrong and the font a bit small.

  56. the font has changed! you’ve made a lonely pensioner happy. and for that sir, i thank you

  57. none of that comic sans rubbish anymore. im cracking open some champagne, two glasses. both are for me.

  58. how did Lesley Ash go from being such a cutie to what she is now, i think the same of KC and his pastel, girlie site

  59. I bet my avatar has me wrapped up in a duvet in a cold Irish hotel corridor. That is the way that I want to be remembered…

    • OK, so I’m blue and I have plaits (I think – or are those are sausages coming out of my ears?)
      Fair dos.

    • KC, can we have the “latest post” button back at the top, for when I’ve wandered off and followed too many random links for the back button to cope with.

    • King Cricket

      February 16, 2011 at 8:23 am

      Huh? What link was that?

      We’re going to get the next/previous post links reinstated at the bottom. Do you mean those?

  60. Perhaps it was in the previous incarnation of the KC blog. It used to be at the top of the page. It was so good that I stole the idea for my own blog.
    The “Next/Previous” links at the bottom will be a welcome reinstatement.
    Also – how are the avatars allocated?

    • King Cricket

      February 17, 2011 at 7:01 pm

      Oh yeah, there is a ‘latest news’ link in the sidebar of the old blogspot blog. You clearly haven’t been relying on it though, what with that site not having been updated in four years.

      Avatars are randomly assigned unless you upload your own via http://en.gravatar.com/

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