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Alex Loudon - now enjoying life as an assistant associate enterprise intelligence brokerPosh bloke. Played cricket. Retired in favour of a career in ‘business’.

Well, apparently he’s even posher than we had suspected.

Poshness is largely beyond our comprehension. If you turn your nose up at food that’s been on the floor, you fall into our ‘posh’ category and we struggle to distinguish different levels within that. However, even we know that being friends with Prince William makes you uber-posh.

Why are me mentioning this now? Well, apparently Alex Loudon is also going out with Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa. We know this because very large numbers of Americans are landing on this page of ours.

Honestly, you have one opinion in the whole of your life and then four years later, people actually read it.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. He used to claim he was the first English spinner to be able to bowl the doosra.

    What a knob jockey.

  2. Just because people are landing on that old page of yours doesn’t mean that they are actually reading it, KC.

    I wonder how long the average American visitor spent on that page.

    And bear in mind that those Americans who are Googling Alex Loudon due to their fascination with Pippa Middleton are possibly not, on average, the fastest cognitive guns in the shoot out.

    IIRC Loudon bowled the carrom ball, Sam, not the doosra…

    …and for the millions American readers who don’t know what a carrom ball is:

    1. The average American visitor is spending 1m40s on that page, Ged.

      They must be reading at least the first four words.

    2. How long are the non-average Americans spending on the page? Or didn’t you mean that?

      But in any case, what an opportunity. You could tell them practically anything, as long as it wasn’t libellous. Tell them that he’s often been seen tweaking his balls in public, or that he’s had several maidens live on TV, or that he’s a knob jockey.

  3. This is sailing dangerously close to a post about the royal wedding

    I am concerned

  4. Posh or not, I actually played against Loudon a few times in kent club cricket and he was always a very nice bloke.

    no reason to mention it really but thought i would!

  5. Quote from that page of yours:

    “Well congratulations Alex. You will be shaking hands with people for a living before you know it.”

    Quite prescient that.

    1. Typical mother. Just becuase he got one thing right doesn’t mean he’s some sort of genius child, you know. Stopped clocks are right twice a day. I expect he was much better at counting than other toddlers as well, and that he could read The Times before he was six.

  6. Alex Louden retired before I started watching cricket seriously, or knew anything about it. To me, he’s just some guy whose name sounds a lot like Alex Bowden.

    If this were a 1950s comic and KC were a superhero, Alex Louden would be a carbon-copy of Bowden created by his arch nemesis in order to be exactly the same, but louder.

    There would be an epic final showdown in which many opinions would be shouted, Louden relying entirly on volume while Bowden reverted to his trusty stance on mocking other people’s taste in beer.

    And that concludes today’s proof that we are not living in the best of all possible worlds.

    1. “To me, he’s just some guy whose name sounds a lot like Alex Bowden.”
      Depends on how you pronounce Bowden.

    2. Oh yeah. We thought it was a bit of a vowel-stretch, but we understand now.

      Or should we say: “We understand no.”

  7. Loudon only retired/hung up his cape about 2 years ago.

    So have you amassed great cricketing knowledge in the intervening eons Howe zat?

    1. According to the date on KC’s original post, it was four years ago. At any rate, this youngling had never heard of him.

    2. Yup, Louden retired at the end of the 2007 season.

      Word on the street suggests that he considered returning to 1st class cricket during 2008, but decided against for some reason.

      As for the superhero idea, I feel like shouting at the top of my voice “I love you, Alex Louden”, only to hear the man himself bellow back “and I love you too, random appellant”.

      Of course, his response might simply be a bestial roar. That might also make sense.

      Still, that would be good too.

    3. No way can Alex Louden roar bestially. His roars are timid and frail. His bestial roars were all used up after being run out without facing in his only international appearance.

  8. Perhaps someone should ask public schoolboys if they really need all that coaching they get from retired county professionals.
    Anybody can play cricket in this country but if you play it as a kid it’s not long before your heart sinks as the latest Eton rifle unloads his massive coffin from mummy’s Range Rover.
    And then to find out that the kid who was coached within an inch of his life and took up a spot at your county’s academy was just marking time before his dad got him a job in the city… brilliant.

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