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India picked Ronnie Irani. Hurray!

The Ronnie Irani in question is Stuart Binny. Speaking at the toss, MS Dhoni said that he would give India a lower order batsman and an additional bowling option. Needless to say, Binny bowls a bit of medium-pace.

How appropriate that he should make his debut in New Zealand, land of the Chris Harris. And what a debut! R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja batted ahead of him, so he didn’t make it to the crease and he was then entrusted with a single over, which went for eight.

A specialist number eight who doesn’t really bowl much. Every team should have one.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Stuart Binny is the son of Roger Binny, himself a bits and pieces cricketer, who flattered to deceive by pulling off a handful of exceptional performances in matches where it mattered – e.g. the odd test against Pakistan and the successful 1983 World Cup campaign.

    Thus Stuart Binny is perhaps more appropriately described as a “son of Irani” or “son of Chris Harris”.

    I think Stuart Binny might be India’s equivalent of Damian D’Oliveira. Perhaps, like Damian, he should have remained a nearly man for international selection.

  2. andy z is on particularly good form today

    (of course, it doesn’t matter how much sense anyone talks on this issue – or where it gets published. if what mike atherton says is true – about an ICC executive snoring through an anti-corruption meeting – then it really doesn’t make any difference what anyone says or thinks at all, right? the guys with the big money would rather burst the ball, never mind take it home, than let the hoi polloi play with it)

    1. That’s possibly the best piece I’ve read from him. Probably the best on this whole situation.

      On topic, Stuart Binny in the Indian team? Did several people cry off at the last minute, leaving Dhoni’s missus calling round players to see who was available?

    2. Deliciously enough, the aforementioned Roger happens to be one of the current members of the National Selection Committee

  3. He has apparently had a decent IPL, which means he is ready for one-dayers which means he has matured as a test batsman which means he SHOULD BE SELECTED IN ALL FORMATS AGAINST ALL OPPOSITION.

  4. Well, we only got to see a tiny bit and no pieces so I wouldn’t dignify him with the title. Looks more like a club cricket ring-in on current evidence. A particular subspecies infact – the kind who played regularly a year or two back but didn’t pay his subscription fees and so appears under an assumed name. Stuart Binny (and Roger Binny for that matter) would be just such a name. In fact, I bet that “son of Roger Binny” is just a back story to throw us off the scent.

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