Royal Challengers Bangalore get another life

Those who suggest we might have lost track of the IPL during the league phase may have a point.

We were at a friend’s house yesterday and he switched on the IPL, asking: “Is this important?” to which we answered, with some confidence: “No.”

Turns out it was important and we were also wrong about which team was going to win. Chennai Super Kings, who came second in the league, go through to the final, but Royal Challengers Bangalore, who came top, still have another chance. They will play the winner of the third v fourth match which takes place today.

This system for how four teams can be reduced to two finalists is a good one. It’s a shame it’s undermined by the plodding league that precedes it. King Cricket’s IPL-related search traffic is about a fifth of what it was in mid-April, so that’s not just our opinion.

We’re going to make use of play-offs when we’re choosing from menus in the future. There has to be a better way than ‘thinking about your decision’.

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5 Appeals

  1. I actually really like IPL cricket, but if you have it every day for six weeks it’s unhealthy, and no matter how hard you try it’s just not going to leave you thoroughly satisfied.

    Like treacle. Or ketamine.

  2. ‘We were at a friend’s house yesterday and he switched on the IPL’
    Bull. Shit. I was flicking through the channels to try and find old Monarch of the Glen and ended up with that shit, which you then INSISTED we watch. You then googled yourself on my laptop whilst I cooked your tea. You take the ‘king’ part of ‘king cricket’ a bit too literally. Dick.

  3. Friends like these…

    I read today that the league is longer than the first three editions of the World Cup

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