Sack Dhoni

Dhoni - too stubborn to stand down

Might as well call for at least one of the captains to be sacked.

His batsmen have crumbled against bowling they should be comfortable against, his senior players aren’t ‘standing up’, he’s insisting on fielding a part-time spinner instead of a specialist and he hasn’t made a hundred in his last 20 Test innings. He has to take responsibility for these things.

It’s the young, inexperienced players who are showing the way. It’s time to move on.

It’s not just us saying this. Someone who once played cricket internationally has also criticised Dhoni’s captaincy for some reason – possibly to do with tactics. They said they’d have done things differently and that what they’d have done would have worked, unlike what Dhoni did. It’s hard, if not impossible, to argue with that.

When will the BCCI finally accept that this team is at a low ebb and acknowledge that it is time for change?

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  1. Nice to see a post with a picture. According to my calculations, you hadn’t posted a picture since July 12th. Bet you’re relieved to get that monkey off your back.

    • King Cricket

      July 31, 2014 at 4:00 pm

      It’s been a difficult time, but we had faith in our abilities. We’ve been using pictures well in drafts and and knew that the right image file was just around the corner.

    • Did you also grow a beard to help with all this picture form?

    • King Cricket

      July 31, 2014 at 4:09 pm

      There are few things we won’t grow a beard for.

      Then, a week later, we remember that having a lot of facial hair makes the skin around a particular part of our jaw go weird, so we have to shave.

    • But wouldn’t you say that using a photo. he’s had since (at least) 2010 shows a certain conservatism? I’m sure that Jarrod Kimber is much more proactive with his pictures.

    • King Cricket

      July 31, 2014 at 4:25 pm

      Jarrod is one of the new generation of cricket writers who have grown up using moving pictures and are entirely comfortable with that. It’s the way the game’s going, but such things don’t come naturally to to those of us from an older, more orthodox school.

    • There was a time when KC employed a wide range of pictures, drawing aahs and oohs from bloggers far and wide. “There is no man who could so skilfully insert that thing there, I didn’t feel a thing” exclaimed awestruck women. But a blog gets old, and things suddenly take more time to load. It simply cannot operate with youthful vigor anymore and has to be more judicious with picture selection.

    • Jarrod Number is also comfortable wearing baseball caps. I’m not sure he’s a good role model.

    • The heart of the matter is that they failed to get into a modern university for art due to a distaste for watercolours, hence leading them to focusing on the blogging side of the vocation instead.

    • You’ve also got to remember that his family is the right sort, so ability and form are irrelevant.

    • A blanced blogging order needs a mixture of reactive proactive authors. The former will use images in response to the situation before them, tending to fall back on defensive text as comments dictate. The latter will find opportunities to insert images irrespective of the comments and so try to influence the blog into a more image favourable situation. This latter role is often misunderstood, it does not entail wildly inserting gifs and video files in every paragraph – rather they create opportunities to insert images – even if only one per post – in to influence the situation. This in turn will create a situation the reactive blogger at the other url can create image rich post of hi (or her) own.

    • Best headline ever. And flexible too – it makes no difference how many wickets he takes, the headline can still be used. And if our Alex was running the Graun, you can be sure it would be used every day of every match. What happy days they would be.

    • I’ve just realised how much I judge things entirely on URLs

    • It’s like what would happen if they let Boycott off the leash.

      “Give him out, Erasmus! You dickhead! You bottle-less get! If you’ve got any bottle he’s got to go! He’s given him not out. I can’t spake.”

  2. The last time a selector suggested that Gambhir replace Dhoni as captain, the selector was sacked. That hasn’t stopped Indian fans clamouring for a change. Naman Ojha’s selection only increases the speculation. Hope the Indian selectors don’t copy the 90s English selectors and make Rohit Sharma as captain.

  3. But KC, the hover captions! You used to be magnificent

  4. Off topic, indeed not our sport, but I think my reasons for posting this link will become obvious.

  5. You youngsters don’t know you were born.

    In my day we had to play with uncoloured pictures. And don’t even talk about the poor equipment we had to use compared with high-tech things they snap with today. Even me mom could snap 100 with one of them things.

    Uncoloured pictures – that’d sort out thems who can snap and thems who can’t:

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