Shaun Marsh wants to play straighter

Shaun Marsh misses the stumps at the non-strikers end againShaun Marsh said he wanted to play straighter after making 79 in Australia’s win over South Africa. How much straighter does he want to play?

Now granted, we slept through a good deal of his innings, but from what we did see Marsh’s batting was straighter than Chuck Norris doing DIY – which tallies with previous innings of his that we’ve seen.

He’s a full face of the bat man. If he bats any straighter, the fielding side will have to position everyone in single file behind the bowler. He had a net in his back yard when he was growing up. Maybe he’s never realised that match pitches don’t have mesh sides.

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2 Appeals

  1. hey kc, totally unrelated but i’ve just read this quote in the Sydney Metro,
    ‘when i’m not donning the baggy green, which i no longer will, i do slide back in beautifully and the public does allow me to do that, just slide back into normal life’

    no further comment needed, really.

  2. so at the moment he’s a boring bender….Typical Aussie Then !

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