Steven Finn’s back

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Steven Finn's front

As in ‘returned’. He hasn’t got ankylosing spondylitis or anything.

He’s also only back in the squad, not necessarily the team. Plus he hasn’t been away that long. If we’re honest, we’re only doing this joke because we know we’ll get complaints if we don’t.

But it does feel like Steven Finn’s back. He’s in ostensibly the same situation as at the end of the Ashes tour, but whereas then he was on a downward curve heading towards being considered ‘not selectable’ by Ashley Giles, it now feels like he’s on an upward curve heading towards Godfrey Evans knows where.

We’re quite happy about this because Finn does at least threaten to address the fast-mediumish qualities of the England attack. Tall and sometimes fast, he’s distinct from the others.

Liam Plunkett hasn’t had a chance to play on a non-blancmange pitch yet, but he hasn’t been as eye-wateringly quick as we’d hoped (pace isn’t everything, but it is something), while Stuart Broad really should offer something different being so tall, but somehow doesn’t. He always seems to bowl like a much smaller man.

Finn is undeniably tall and he certainly can be quick. More importantly, he seems capable of bowling those deliveries which make the batsman feel like he has no cricket bat, but additional knuckles.


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  1. I am a big fan of Steve Finn and hope he plays, given that he has been picked as a straight swap for the Old Trafford course-horse Plunkett.

    However, I’d have preferred to see Finn rehabilitate for a while longer, based on how badly it went wrong in the winter and some “hit and miss-ness” so far this season. Plenty of hit spells – he looks back to his best when he bowls well – but his miss spells/matches have been poor.

    Here’s hoping that the sense of occasion and the conditions will allow Steve Finn to be a big hit at Old Trafford this week.

    1. I feel like Viz’s Suicidal Sid. I had been feeling rather chipper this morning, just finished a nice sandwich for lunch, looking forward to a decent afternoon. Then I read the tale of Bibby’s Horse and Blackledge’s 3rd XI. Not wishing to spoil the plot for anyone, but it starts with black humour and descends into the Slough of Despond from thereon in.

      Perhaps there is something we can do to cheer you up, Sam. A bit of juggling, or a magic trick maybe? Come on, people – there has to be something we can do for the lad.

    2. Thats devastating stuff. That last paragraph got me.

      I had to imagine the beauty of Finn and Jordan bowling in tandem to cheer me up. It would be like watching the game on a juddery old VHS.

  2. Broad does seem to bowl like a much smaller man. Also seems to have utter memory blanks about how he has bowled at the times he’s bowled extremely well. I assume it’s a diagnosed condition now.

    Hope Finn’s yips are gawn.

  3. Oh, that alt-text. Made me gasp. Back to your worst, KC.

    Sorry, did I say worst? I meant best. Of course I did.

  4. Sloggers selection meeting.

    Woakes in for Ishant.

    Considering Ballance for Dhawan and Ashwin for Bhuvaneshwar.

    1. Can you do that? Won’t it be too many Englishmen?

      I decided that my one legged bowler for this test would be Broad, not Kumar. Went with guesses about who India will pick. So instead of 10 men I might have 9 this time.

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