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Brad Hogg shoved vitamin C up his jacksie – and there are still some unanswered questions about the story

Another day, another pre-Christmas autobiography by a gnarly old Australian cricketer. Brad Hogg’s The Wrong ‘Un surely warrants a mention though, if only for the anecdote about when Steve Waugh tricked him into thinking that some vitamin C pills needed to be inserted into his outbox.

The story itself has pretty much just been told in the previous sentence. “I felt uncomfortable for a few days, but I never got a cold,” he adds.

However, the background to this is extraordinary.

Firstly, Hogg apparently arrived for that debut tour with a seriously chafed groin after spending an hour on a mechanical nightclub bull before departure.

An hour. Presumably that’s cumulative rather than in one sitting, but still – that seems a hell of a long time, even before we ask how he came to conclude that would be ideal preparation for his first overseas international cricket.

Hogg also says that he was unnerved by room-mate Michael Bevan literally sleeping with his eyes open. As far as we can tell, that terrifying freakishness is something that’s pretty much just mentioned in passing.

Brad Hogg bowling to Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar batting the ball away in a special run-scoring move“He hit my best ball for six,” Hogg said. Yes – and you get the impression that Sachin Tendulkar could quite easily hit any delivery he chooses for a boundary. He’s only holding back so that Hogg doesn’t get taken off.

He and VVS Laxman got a bit carried away at one point though and carted Hogg for 18 off an over. Too greedy. They forced Ponting to bring, er, Michael Clarke back into the attack.

We’re full of admiration for Sachin Tendulkar. If we were in his position we’d go foetal and weep. That would be at the point of exiting the bed first thing as well. If we made it to the crease in a Test match, we’d adopt the same position only we’d try to dig a huge hole to hide in using only our face.

Cricketers are often at risk of dehydration, but not normally as a direct result of copious tears of surrender.

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