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Yuvraj Singh in Test cricket

'So I just wear plain white, yeah? Weird.'So Yuvraj Singh finally gets a Test match. It’s a fairly rare occurrence. Ridiculously rare.

He arrived at the crease with India 61-4 and proceeded to smear 28 fours and a six, finishing with 169 off 203 balls in a partnership with Sourav Ganguly that was worth 300. It was a point well made, even if Pakistan were reduced to three front-line bowlers for half the day after Shoaib Akhtar had found yet another way to be unfit – back pain, this time.

Remarkably for a man who’s played 195 one-day internationals and who’s averaged near-enough 50 in that form of the game in the last two years, this is only Yuvraj’s 20th Test match.

Have no fear though, there’s plenty of time left. He’s not 26 until Wednesday, making him younger than Australia’s ‘prodigy’, Michael Clarke.

He’s a full year away from thinking ‘a nice sit-down’ is an activity in its own right and two away from knowing the names of more than one type of plant. He probably doesn’t consider going out two nights running to be any hardship at all, the rapscallion.

Yuvraj Singh and his ten mates beat Pakistan

yuvraj.jpgMost reports of the third one-day international between India and Pakistan seem to have Yuvraj Singh down as the match-winner. In any report there has to be one guy who won the match, but that’s never the full story.

All eight Indian batsmen who came to the crease got into double figures and six Indian bowlers took a wicket, plus there were two run-outs. Having said that, Yuvraj top-scored for India with 77, took one of those wickets and was also responsible for one of those run-outs, so we suppose he had the largest impact.

Why are we trying to talk him down, anyway – Yuvraj is our guy.

Yuvraj Singh: How much better could he be?

The answer, of course, is none. None better.

India were doing precisely nothing when he came to the crease in the Twenty20 World Cup semi-final against Australia. They were 41-2 after eight overs. ‘It’s too hard’ they seemed to be saying. ‘We can’t lay bat on ball’.

‘What?’ said Yuvraj Singh, utterly perplexed by his team mates’ inability to time the ball with absolute perfection. ‘Just do this,’ he instructed and promptly hit 70 runs off 30 balls, scything five fours and as many sixes.

If we were Yuvraj Singh, we’d feel perfectly happy about pointing at ourself in the mirror and saying ‘you the man’ because we’d be well aware that we were the man and wouldn’t be at all shy about letting ourself know this fact.

Video of Yuvraj Singh hitting six sixes in an over

Yuvraj Singh starts the over on 14. He ends it with 50.

Herschelle Gibbs managed six sixes in an over in the 50 over World Cup earlier in the year. His efforts were full-blooded across the line slogs. Yuvraj Singh’s were just timed. Just watch the delicate flick for the second one.

The adrenaline probably helped too, mind.

Yuvraj Singh hits six sixes in an over

Yuvraj Singh hits six sixesHow bloody good are we at saying other people are ace at cricket? We’re really bloody good at it – that’s how bloody good at it we are.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve spent our entire life honing our sense of how much everyone else is better than us. Show us someone and we’ll instantly tell you how they’re better than us.

Yuvraj Singh is better than us because he’s the finest one-day international batsman in the world. He’s better than us because he’s got rare talent, a great eye, unbelievable timing and astonishing power. He’s better than us because he managed to hit six sixes in an over.

The six sixes off poor, hapless Stuart Broad – who became visibly younger with each inevitable blow – formed the unusually brief bulk of his innings of 58 off (count ’em) 16 balls.

Absolutely stunning and if the Indian public don’t go for Twenty20 now, they never will.

Yuvraj Singh in one-day cricket this summer

Yuvraj SinghWe’ve made one or two rash pronouncements in our time. Fortunately most of them are now all-but-invisible on the old site.

However, we’re going to bring one to the fore today in a fairly transparent bid to make a player lose form for a couple of matches against England. This particular pronouncement was that Yuvraj Singh was the best one-day international batsman in the world.

We mention it now because since Yuvraj arrived in Ireland back in June, his one-day international innings run as follows: 13, 49 not out, 61 not out, 38, 0, 49, 45, 71 and 72.

There are no hundreds because he bats in the middle order and hundreds aren’t common in those parts. What’s impressive is his consistency. Measured run-chase? Yuvraj is your man. Wild slog to post a ludicrous total? Yuvraj is your man.

He’d probably have a few more if Ganguly’s knees were up to non-sedate singles too.

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