That’s a win

6-1 off three overs? That’s a win.

We need to be more decisive about things like this. We can’t just say that there was ‘no result’ because there wasn’t much cricket. That’s just laziness. There was plenty of cricket.

Three overs is plenty and what we saw was clearly an England win. Steve Harmison put in an awesome performance walking in, whereas Mark Boucher was dire sitting in the dressing room.

There was, quite simply, a huge gulf in class between the two sides.

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7 Appeals

  1. Rain, as so often, was the real winner.

  2. The rain in Wales falls mostly sodding everywhere, that’s the trouble.

  3. The Welsh get the weather they deserve

  4. Sofia Gardens aquitted itself with aplomb as well.

    It provided numerous places to stand under for most of the day and at least seven different coffee stands. It also has the least efficiant bag searches everywhere – thereby enabling me to keep my bottle of water.

  5. Yes Bella. Water. “Water”. W-a-t-e-r.

  6. It was water! Tap water from a house in Barry, no less.

  7. Perhaps the ECB should throw their toys out of the pram and browbeat the ICC into queitly changing the result to a win in a year or so.

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